GTA IV Cheats PS3: Are GTA 4 Achievements Disabled By Hacks?

GTA IV Cheats PS3; Niko Bellic, a Serbian rascal who arrives in Liberty City prepared to take it over, was first presented to the world in Grand Theft Auto IV. Its debut featured one of the most wide-open worlds and introduced several elements that have since become staples of the GTA and Red Dead series.

Since there are a lot fewer cheats available than in its predecessors, it has a little less fancy. There is still enough fun, and the absurd physics system makes the available cheats much more effective. In this cheats guide, we’ll go through every GTA 4 cheat you can employ on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. As there isn’t free money cheat this time, we’ll be separating them by platform and looking at the best ways to make money.

Please comment if you experience any difficulties using the GTA 4 cheat codes mentioned below. Additionally, if you know of any cheats we might have overlooked, please contact us. How Can I Install Discord On My PS4 And PS5 In 2022? An exhaustive walkthrough!

GTA 4 Tricks

As we’ve already established, there’s still plenty of mayhem to be made even though GTA 4’s hacks are slightly more subtle than in prior installments. Most GTA 4 Cheats concentrate on car spawns and weapons, which I’m sure no veteran GTA player would object to. The GTA 4 cheats for the Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC are listed below.

  • Max Health & Armor: 362-555-0100
  • Max Health, Armor, and Ammo: 482-555-0100
  • Weapons 1: 486-555-0150
  • Weapons 2: 486-555-0100
  • Remove Wanted Level: 267-555-0100
  • Raise Wanted Level: 267-555-0150
  • Change Weather: 468-555-0100
  • Spawn Annihilator Helicopter: 359-555-0100
  • Spawn Banshee: 265-555-2423
  • Spawn Cognoscenti: 227-555-0142
  • Spawn Comet: 227-555-0175
  • Spawn Buffalo: 227-555-0100
  • Spawn Jetmax: 938-555-0100
  • Spawn NRG-900: 625-555-0100
  • Spawn Sanchez: 625-555-0150
  • Spawn SuperGT: 227-555-0168
  • Spawn Turismo: 227-555-0147

How To Use GTA 4 Cheats?

GTA 4 has a slightly different interface for entering cheats compared to previous GTA games. Rockstar has made it possible for users to enter cheats as phone numbers since the invention of the mobile phone. Simply open the phone menu, dial the call number associated with the cheat you want to activate, then press the call button. Savage Game Studios Is Acquired By Playstation, With A Focus On Mobile Games.

GTA IV Cheats PS3

GTA IV PS3 Cheats

You just need to follow the instructions above to enter the GTA 4 PS3 hacks, which are simple. Below, you’ll find a list of every GTA 4 cheat you need to know about:

Cheat Cheat Code
Banshee 265-555-2423
Change weather 468-555-0100
Filter 662-555-0147
Weapons 1 486-555-0150
Weapons 2 486-555-0100
Presidente 265-555-2423
Raise wanted level 267-555-0150
Remove wanted level 267-555-0100
Armour 362-555-0100
Health, armor, and ammo 482-555-0100
Song information 948-555-0100
Spawn a Cognoscenti 227-555-0142
Spawn a Comet 227-555-0175
Spawn a Jetmax 938-555-0100
Spawn a Sanchez 625-555-0150
Spawn a SuperGT 227-555-0168
Spawn a Turismo 227-555-0147
Spawn an Annihiliator 359-555-0100
Spawn a FIB Buffalo 227-555-0100
Spawn an NRG-900 625-555-0100

The Best Way To Make Money In GTA 4 Using A Money Cheat

GTA 4 does not contain a money cheat, in contrast to earlier GTA games. If you’re playing on a console, you’ll have to put in the effort; however, on a PC, you can apply a mod to add money to your wallet. Complete Stevie’s auto theft assignments for the most excellent and quickest method to earn money.

Once you have, all you have to do to start making money is use cheats to spawn automobiles and put them in his garage! And Date Of Release And MP Beta Platforms For Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2!

These are all the GTA 4 cheat codes available to you. Please let us know in the comments section below if you find any regulations in this guide that don’t work. Visit our pages for GTA 5 Cheats, GTA Vice City Cheats, and GTA San Andreas Cheats for further GTA cheats.

Are Achievements In GTA 4 Disabled By Cheats?

Using certain cheats in Grand Theft Auto IV will momentarily disable several Achievements & Trophies for the current game session. Only a few cheats have this effect, and those that do only block a few particular milestones that we have listed below:

  • The GTA 4 Health and Armor cheat blocks these Achievements/Trophies: “Cleaned the Mean Streets,” “Finish Him,” “One Man Army,” and “Walk Free.”
  • The GTA 4 Weapons Cheats block the achievement/trophy “Cleaned the Mean Streets.”
  • The Remove Wanted Level to cheat blocks these Achievement/Trophies: “One Man Army” and “Walk Free.”
  • The Annihilator & Buzzard Helicopter cheats block these Achievement/Trophies: “One Man Army” and “Walk Free.”

The remaining GTA 4 cheats are secure to employ and won’t stop you from achieving goals. After entering the cheat, you will receive a confirmation message and an on-screen prompt if the particular GTA IV trick is blocking an accomplishment or trophy.

GTA IV Cheats PS3

However, the GTA 4 cheats only disable accomplishments for the current session, not permanently. This implies that all cheats will be disabled after you exit the game and reopen it, allowing you to unlock achievements again.

Video With GTA 4 Cheat Codes!

This complete list of GTA 4 hacks for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC is provided in the hopes that you will find it helpful and have fun using it. Additional Grand Theft Auto IV resources include the GTA 4 Weapons Guide, the GTA 4 Vehicles Database, and the Story Missions Walkthrough.

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