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GTA 6 Map: The upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, widely believed to be Grand Theft Auto VI, had its early development video released online earlier this week. Almost certainly, you are already aware of all that. Since then, the leaked content has gotten more challenging to track down, and media outlets like Kotaku have been unable to feature any of the leaks’ associated video or screenshot content.

Despite this, a group of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts has been meeting up in different locations to create a map of the entirety of the new Vice City and its environs using only arithmetic, Microsoft Paint, Google Earth, and collaboration. Rockstar Games in November 2011 released the first Grand Theft Auto V trailer. The game’s popularity skyrocketed, and the following day, players on the GTA Forums started dissecting the trailer to create a virtual map of the game’s virtual world.

Fans spent many hours every day for the following two years collecting and analyzing information as Rockstar published additional screenshots, trailers, previews, and other media. The team’s final map, made just before GTA V’s release, was a surprisingly accurate representation of the game’s in-game environment. Superb work! After ten years, GTA players are once again banding together to plan the release of the next game’s world.

But this time, it’s not the same story. At Least 96 People Must Be Killed Before You Can Finish GTA V. In the past, followers have been able to piece together some of Los Santos from official trailers and screenshots. This time, the leak that Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive are actively seeking to hide through legal actions and DMCA takedowns is the source of all the content fans are poring over to map out this fresh take on Vice City.

As a result, the eager cartographers now face a new challenge: how to work together and construct a map of a virtual world if no one can upload photographs of that world to the internet? However, Grand Theft Auto fans are resourceful and inventive, and they’ve devised a few workarounds.

The first and most fundamental technique is not to use the leaks. Instead of screenshots, players on the GTA Forums post-Google Earth screenshots. Some users have even opened Microsoft Paint to sketch up rough but serviceable recreations of situations seen in the leaked GTA VI footage to provide additional context for the images they posted.

The administrators of the GTA Forums, where some of this cooperation is taking place, appear to be cool with it so far. (A previous attempt to create a map of Vice City was halted due to including photos from the leaked gameplay.) On the other hand, some avid mapmakers have been upset by this restriction since they demand absolute precision from their work. Others merely find it inconvenient to work around the censorship constantly.

This has led many to remote Discord communities, where information like this can be openly disseminated. Back in 2011, when GTA V was released, this wasn’t even a possibility because Discord didn’t exist. People are making significant strides in one of the most popular mapping Discord servers. Mappers have benefited significantly from the released video because it includes multiple bits of helpful information, such as in-game coordinates.

Only a few days have passed since the leak, and we already have what appears to be a reasonably complete, albeit somewhat barren, depiction of Vice City as it would appear in the final game. Church of GTA enlisted the aid of more than a hundred of his fellow users to make this most recent map. The Los Santos scale is determined using Grand Theft Auto V and Rockstar’s engine data.

It appears that this map may grow to be rather vast. The people who frequent the GTA Forums and the Discord server have valuable insights. Some people try to find recognizable locations in the released materials and then use trigonometry to figure out where they are. Meanwhile, other players are going through the leaked movie frame by frame, extracting the in-game mini-map as a starting point for making their map components.

Other GTA players are helping to fill in the blanks with their real-world knowledge of Florida and Miami, contributing data on motorways, old structures, or demolished roadways. The members of the Church of GTA joked to me that they hoped the release of the updated edition of their map would validate the time they put into creating it. All joking aside, it’s not easy to do all this investigating.

Quite the opposite, as evidenced by the fact that some people claim to have spent hours upon hours merely locating a piece of graffiti or landmark. But for many of these people, the fun is in the planning—the blueprinting of a virtual environment they may spend years exploring once GTA VI is published. Of course, at this point, I should point you that the content that has been leaked comes from a version of GTA VI that is still in development and is, thus, subject to change.

That occurred during the previous endeavor to map Los Santos. Occasionally, users would notice subtle changes to the globe during development, necessitating adjustments to their maps before the game’s 2012 release. The same thing will most likely occur in this case.

But for the time being, these actors are providing us with our first substantial glimpse at the potential setting of Vice City and its environs. Given how close they came last time, I can’t wait to see what they manage to put together before GTA VI’s release.

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