Grand Tour Cancelled: Why Amazon Studios Would Not Extend Jeremy Clarkson Contract?

We now know that Jeremy Clarkson’s contract with Amazon Studios has been terminated after the current season and any special episodes of Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour. Variety later verified this. The only person Jeremy Clarkson has to blame is himself, and I’m not sure if James May and Richard Hammond will be Jeremy Clarkson’s pursuers this time.

All of this happened after Clarkson published a really bad piece for The Sun in which he made some rather dubious comments about Meghan Markle. I must clarify that, for some reason, the British press appears to believe that, with regard to Meghan Markle, all bets are off.

It appears that they believe they are free to say whatever they want about the Duchess of Sussex. Clarkson appears to have stepped over the line, and as a result, he has lost his lucrative deal with Amazon Studios.

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Grand Tour Cancelled

After the last commission episodes run on the streaming site, according to Variety’s story, Amazon is set to break up its relationship with Jeremy Clarkson. Additionally, they stated that the service will only collaborate with Clarkson on already-commissioned seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm. This indicates that after 2024, Clarkson won’t be a part of any new Prime Video series. A last episode of The Grand Tour special may appear in 2025, though.

Given that the episodes Clarkson is presently working on are Prime Video’s most popular original series, this is a significant move for Amazon. The Grand Tour is one of Amazon’s all-time most successful programmes, and Clarkson’s Farm has garnered a lot of attention. Actually, I was informed that Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm will air. There was significant uncertainty over whether Amazon will continue with the third season of the programme.

I was also told that, as far as Amazon’s interactions with Clarkson are concerned, “that will be it.” According to what I’ve been told, The Grand Tour will have four more specials before it is through. On Prime Video, the series’ last episode is anticipated to premiere in 2024.

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Amazon Studios Would Not Extend Jeremy Clarkson’s Contract?

I also wanted to know if Amazon will continue to work with James May and Richards Hammond, who were Clarkson’s Grand Tour coworkers. “Yes” is the response to that query. On Prime Video, James May has a really decent travel show. James May: Our Man In Japan and James May: Our Man In Italy are the two seasons of the programme that he has produced, and it appears that a third season of the show is in the works.

Amazon Studios Would Not Extend Jeremy Clarkson's Contract?
Amazon Studios Would Not Extend Jeremy Clarkson’s Contract?

Regarding Hammond, he has produced several episodes for Amazon, and it appears that his contract will be extended. It must be acknowledged, though, that May and Hammond must be furious at Clarkson for essentially wrecking the two finest jobs of their life. After punching one of the show’s producers in the face, Clarkson was let go from the BBC’s Top Gear.

He, May, and Hammond, nevertheless, all quit the programme and worked with Amazon to launch a brand-new, far more well-liked automotive programme! Well, Clarkson has done it once more, and I don’t believe May and Hammond will be following him this time.

In his Sun essay, Clarkson attempted to “officiously” apologise to Meghan Markle for what he had written. On Monday afternoon, he made a long message that was posted to his official Instagram. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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