Google’s Helpful Content Is Here: We have to Update!

Google has unveiled a brand-new significant modification to its search ranking algorithm, which it has dubbed the helpful content update. The rollout of this update, which will focus on stuff that, hmm, is not useful to humans and people, will begin next week.

The update on helpful content aims to remove articles that have been published solely to boost their search engine rankings but do not educate or assist readers. This upgrade, according to Google, will “address content that seems to have been generated mainly for ranking well in search engines.” According to Google, the change will “help ensure that unoriginal, low-quality content doesn’t rank prominently in Search.” As a result, if you write material to increase your website’s exposure and traffic, you risk being hit by

Updated Google Helpful Content Short Facts
The key details that we currently know are listed here in THE succinct form:

Name: Google Update with Useful Content

Launch Date: TBD, but most likely during the week of August 22.

Rollout: The full rollout will take around two weeks.

It prioritizes content made to serve humans over content intended to score highly in search.

Currently, this solely affects Google Search and has no effect on Google Discover or any other Google surfaces. However, Google might eventually add Discover and other services to this.

Google made no mention of a penalty, but the update does feel like one to the sites affected by it.

Sitewide: Because this method applies to the entire site

Smells Like Pandas?

Do you think this reminds you of Google Panda? To me, it does. However, Google informed me that this upgrade is in addition to Panda, which has long been a part of the core algorithm. Panda is still active, however, this update is new and may have a similar feel to Panda’s initial release, although being distinct.

I think this update will hold the same stature as a Panda or Penguin when we look back on it in years to come because it made SEOs reevaluate some of their SEO tactics. For some agencies, I believe this update’s content marketing and SEO content tactics will achieve that.

Sitewide Algorithm

This is a site-wide methodology, so if the machine learning algorithm finds that a sizable portion of your content is unsatisfactory or unhelpful, your entire site may be affected and labeled by this classifier.

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