Google Calendar Invitations Gets More Innovative And Convinient!

Many people do not make extensive use of the Google Calendar interface. When those people are invited to talk on Google Meet, they usually check the invite and interact with it through the email notification Google sent them. Those emails are critical, especially on desktops, so we’re glad Google is revamping them. A recent update makes Google Calendar invites in your inbox more valuable and easier to interact with.

The new email invite UI, as announced by Google, is now divided into two columns: one with information about the invite itself, such as a description, a specific date, and who’s also invited, and the other with information about how to access it (such as a button to join, as well as phone numbers if you’d rather join over the phone) and any attachments. The buttons for confirming or declining assistance are also larger than before.

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When something in the invitation changes, future follow-up emails will provide more context on what exactly changed, making it easier to understand why you just received another email about the same meeting. For example, if the time or date of an invitation changes, the old date will still be crossed out below the new date. If you need to change the meeting time, leave a note explaining why.

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The larger, better-organized buttons allow you to respond to invites more quickly, and the additional context will help you understand what’s changing in invites more clearly. Beginning today, the feature will be gradually rolled out to everyone over the next 15 days. There’s nothing you need to do because the change is primarily aimed at the desktop interface.

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