Google Announces To Shut Down Google Talk! Read Why

Google is permanently shutting down Google Talk (formerly GChat): Most likely, you haven’t utilized the company’s instant messaging service much since 2007. (via Android Police). Third-party clients like Pidgin and Gajim were still able to access Google Talk even after it was relocated to Google Hangouts in 2017, another of Google’s now-defunct messaging platforms. Three days from now, on June 16, Google, however, will turn off the life support systems for good.

It was first announced in 2017 that Google was “winding down Google Talk” and no longer supporting third-party apps in a notice on the Talk help page. Anyone who tries to log in after the 16th, they’ll receive an error message. If you still want to utilize Pidgin over Google services, Pidgin recommends utilizing this Google Chat plugin instead.

Google Announces To Shut Down Google Talk

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Users could send instant conversations over Gmail using Google Talk, which was launched in 2005. Voice and video calls were added later, as were group conversations. Hangouts, on the other hand, has replaced it since 2017. The company launched a texting service in 2014 which Google was promoting at the time. This time around, the company decided to rebrand Hangouts Chat as Google Chat in 2020, before reintroducing Google Chat for Workspace users earlier this year. Free Google account holders can still use Hangouts, but they’ll see messages warning that “Hangouts is going away shortly,” with links leading them to Google Chat instead of the old service. If you were using Google Talk through a third-party app, Google recommends that you switch over to Google Chat. According to history, it won’t be long before Google launches a new product or service, or perhaps completely revamps its name.

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