Goku In Fortnite And Other Dragon Ball Z characters Headed To Fortnite

According to rumors circulating about Fortnite, Goku and other Dragon Ball Z characters will soon have their own clothing that may be worn in the game. (AN UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE WAS POSTED ON AUGUST 11, 2022; FORTNITE HAS SINCE CONFIRMED THAT THIS IS IN FACT HAPPENING BY USING A TEASER FROM DRAGON BALL Z THAT SHOWS SUPER

It would appear that the Saiyans will be making their debut in the world of Fortnite very soon, which is very exciting news for fans of the game. The island that hosts the battle royale mode in Fortnite will soon welcome Goku and other Dragon Ball characters.

One of the most well-known leakers for Fortnite, HYPEX, claims that a partnership between Fortnite and Dragon Ball will take place before the end of August. In addition, the fact that the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released on August 19 makes this announcement extremely timely.

When looking at the patterns and tendencies of Epic, we can see that the company would typically produce crossover skins as a strategy to advertise their material during the debut of a franchise’s movie or series. Here is what we currently know about which Dragon Ball characters will be making their way into the world of Fortnite:




Bulma or Android 18

In honor of Dragon Ball’s first appearance in Fortnite, the developer has prepared a set of missions with valuable rewards for gamers. In fact, there may be a special event skin up for grabs if you play your cards well. An official tweet from Fortnite’s account has confirmed the leak/rumor, depicting Super Shenron towering over the Fortnite battleground and teasing the date of August 16, 2022:

Goku In Fortnite And Other Dragon Ball Z characters Headed To Fortnite
Goku In Fortnite And Other Dragon Ball Z characters Headed To Fortnite

It is safe to state at this time that Fortnite holds the title of “king of crossovers” in the annals of video game history. A great number of well-known characters from various other video games, television shows, movies, anime, and other media have been incorporated into the game in some fashion.

Naruto, one of Shonen Jump’s four flagship anime series, served as the inspiration for the first skin in Fortnite’s new Anime Series of Skins. In point of fact, the item shop has already received two rounds of new skins for Naruto to choose from.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Goku and the rest of the group have made the transition to Fortnite. As soon as they are added, Dragon Ball will become the official second anime out of Shonen’s Big Four to participate in the game.

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