Get an Xbox Series S for $50 Off or Bundle And Save Even More!

Remember when finding the latest-gen Xbox systems in stock was a pleasant surprise? It seems like just yesterday that we were looking at in-stock consoles that were genuinely for sale. Crazy. Adorama has the Xbox Series S for $249.99, which is $50 off its normal price. This is a “Deal of the Day,” and the DOTD was yesterday. However, the console is still available and in stock at this reduced price, so get it while you can. It might go at any time.

We’ve got a couple of amazing deals on the Xbox Series S today. To begin, you can acquire the console for $249.99 from Adorama. This is a bargain that has been available for a few weeks, but it is still the greatest value on the Xbox Series S right now. If you need some accessories to go with your new console, check out this package from Antonline, a popular and reputable eBay vendor. The Xbox Series S with the controller, an additional Robot White wireless controller, the EVGA XR1 Lite capture card, and a month of Game Pass Ultimate are all included for $309.99. The standard price of the console is $300, and the total cost of all of these items is roughly $425. So you effectively get all the features for an additional $10 on top of the console’s regular price.

Get an Xbox Series S for $50 Off or Bundle And Save Even

Obviously, this is one of our favourite consoles, second only to its big brother, the Xbox Series X, but you can read everything about our thoughts in our article. “It includes some nice improvements throughout, speeding up load times and daily chores while also offering a little headroom for upcoming features like ray tracing and 120 FPS support,” stated Matt Brown. You can check the website and grab this deal!

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This is also the first all-digital Xbox system, therefore there is no optical drive for physical discs. That’s OK since I haven’t purchased a physical game in years, so it’s certainly feasible to have a healthy gaming habit without that part. Of course, if you want to play all of your favourite games on the Series S, you’ll need to get Xbox Game Pass. This pass is like the Netflix of gaming, putting hundreds of titles at your fingertips. Play Halo Infinite the day you acquire your system, or try some independent games like Nobody Saves the World. Furthermore, since many of Microsoft’s original games are available on Game Pass on the same day they are launched, you’ll be ready for new titles as well. The second package available today includes a month of Game Pass Ultimate to get you started.

Don’t forget that the Xbox Series S may also function as an all-in-one media centre. It’s not simply about playing games. Use the console to stream from your favourite applications, view the finest programmes in 4K, or even go back in time and play older-generation games due to backwards compatibility. If you want to learn more about the EVGA XR1 Lite capture card included in the antonline package, we have already written about it, and you can also read our evaluation of the full XR1.

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