What Attributes A Good Gaming Headset Must Have? Know The Truth

Whether you’re a devoted PC player or a console kid, your roommates will soon grow tired of your video games’ numerous beeps, bloops, and gunshots. Even if you already have a quality set of headphones and a camera with a microphone to meet your multiplayer needs, having everything in one location can still be convenient. The gaming headset can help with that.

These headsets provide a convenient, all-in-one answer to your gaming audio demands by typically including a microphone, good sound quality, and long wires to work with virtually any gaming setup. There are a lot of gaming headsets available, and many aren’t very good, just as with any other type of technology.

Here are some qualities to consider when buying a gaming headset. Editor’s note: On June 6, 2022, this article was modified to add more details about gaming headset microphones and to bring the devices we referenced up to date with headsets that adhere to more recent specifications. Another headset’s Information; What Is The Battery Condition Of The Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset?


A Decent Headset Should Be Comfortable!

One of the most crucial factors to think about when purchasing over-ear headphones, particularly for gaming headsets, is how they will fit on your head. A terrible fit can be physically uncomfortable if you want to play for extended periods, so you won’t be able to concentrate on fragging fully.

At first, everything could appear alright, but friction, sweat, and trapped heat can accumulate over time. Even slight discomfort can feel dreadful after about an hour. Neck discomfort might result from carrying a bit too much weight incorrectly. Even a tiny amount of pressure in the band might cause severe headaches or aching ears.

Isolation Is Important

The seal’s quality significantly influences the sound quality of a headphone. Poor isolation can dramatically alter what you hear, which is crucial for headsets and video games that employ very subtle directional audio cues. Why Is The Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset One Of The Best?

The size and composition of a headphone pad can significantly impact the seal’s quality. If the foam of the headphone pad doesn’t seal well right first, it can take some time for it to take on the contours of your skull. You should look at a giant pair of headphones or replacement pads with a larger circumference if the place itself is too small to go around your ear.

Gaming Headset

If you wear glasses, you should think about purchasing velour ear pads for your headset or, at the very least, gaming headsets that include eyewear channels in the ear pads. You’ll undoubtedly miss out on many basses if you don’t have them.

Though they are incredibly uncommon, sure, gaming headphones are equipped with noise canceling, which can reduce background noise and improve audio quality. This can be helpful even if you’re playing at home, where it’s generally silent.

It won’t be disruptive if your neighbors or family are a pain in the neck or the traffic outside your window. But if you’re looking for a noise-canceling gaming headset, be prepared to part with some cash—things like the EPOS H3PRO Hybrid and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset aren’t cheap.

When traveling across Fortnite’s Fatal Fields, hearing all those footsteps and far-off gunshots can save your life. It would be unfortunate to skip any of them.

Build Excellence

The majority of gaming headsets are composed of inexpensive plastic. Find a headset that feels solid if you can. It would be best if you could find something with a metal or wireframe. Find something with enough range of motion to accommodate your head’s shape if you’re stuck with plastic.

Even a tiny amount of strain or tension on the headset with something made of cheap or weak plastic might add up. When plastic is even slightly pushed, it can creak very loudly. Even though I don’t even have a huge head, I’ve had a headset abruptly snap in half after some use.

Some headsets, like the Custom Game from Beyerdynamic, have an all-metal chassis to withstand damage and continue functioning. If a… fervent player uses the headset, bear this in mind: some History, Hardware, The Aim Controller, Games, And Content Of The Playstation VR.

Mic Considerations

Although the mic on a gaming headset is frequently disregarded, you should consider a few things when shopping around. To begin with, don’t get too tied to discovering a gaming headset microphone that is of recording quality because they don’t exist.

Gaming headset mics frequently have trouble picking up bass frequencies, which can cause persons with passionate voices to sound as though they are speaking through a tin can. You might say a little quiet because these mics frequently don’t receive enough power over the 3.5mm or USB connection.

Gaming Headset
Consider a headset with a detachable microphone if you can picture yourself using it as a regular pair of headphones while on the run. If you play video games at home, that’s less of an issue, but you still need to ensure the microphone can be moved around; even a tiny adjustment of an inch can significantly improve call quality.

Surround Sound

In gaming headphones, surround sound—not to be confused with 3D sound—is a rather popular feature and may be very significant depending on the type of game you play. A 360-degree soundscape is possible with surround sound headsets with numerous speakers covering each ear. They have it set up so you can hear anything from behind you to the right.

This is an exclusive feature in the majority of entertainment genres. It can offer a genuine competitive advantage in games. It’s essential if you’re one of the millions of players of Fortnite. Various standards exist for surround sound. Dolby Atmos, DTS:X 2, Windows Sonic, and several additional proprietary headphone formats are available.

Nowadays, practically every gaming platform has its built-in spatial audio feature; the PlayStation 5 uses its own Tempest 3D audio engine, while Windows and Xbox consoles also use Windows Sonic. It is much less critical that your brand-new headset has its solution because these built-in standards operate with any headset, regardless of whether it connects through USB or 3.5mm.

Every gaming headset also offers stereo sound, so you won’t likely need to set up spatial audio if you don’t feel obliged to. Using a stereo headset is not problematic for players of MOBA games like League of Legends and DOTA 2, character action games, or just about any single-player game. Just be aware that you have options even if the headset you purchase does not support DTS or Dolby Atmos.

How Does The Video Game Headgear Appear?

I refer to this as the “will my roommates tease me” factor. A lot of gaming headsets resemble regular headphones with a microphone attached. Many others resemble an extraterrestrial spacecraft that has parked on your head more. Some of these items have bizarre angular designs, bright LEDs, and names that seem more home on things that fire lasers than on articles that cover ears.

This is particularly crucial if you intend to use your headset in public. If you appear to be sporting a miniature Tron light cycle on your head, having a detachable microphone won’t help.


Finding a good gaming headset at a fair price is not difficult. You don’t have to spend much money to locate the right one because they start to get decent around the $60 markup. The Razer Kraken X and the Fnatic React headset both provide good, straightforward experiences at a reasonable price.

And even as you reach close to $100, choices like the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless and HyperX Cloud Alpha provide top-notch experiences. Whatever you choose, as long as you keep in mind what I said in this essay, you should end up with something perfect for you.

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