Who Is Gabrielle Union Ex Husband? Is She Has Kids?

Gabrielle Union Ex Husband: On October 29, 1972, in Omaha, Nebraska, Gabrielle Union was born to Theresa (Glass), a phone company manager, and Sylvester E. Union, a military sergeant and business executive. Her family relocated to Pleasanton, California, when she was eight years old, where she grew up and finished high school. Union excelled as a point guard there, competing in basketball, soccer, and track throughout the year. She completed high school at Foothill (Class of 1991).

After graduating from high school, Gabrielle enrolled at the University of Nebraska, where she played soccer, before transferring to Cuesta College. She eventually found herself at UCLA. Things began to happen when she was in her senior year while she was on her way to law school, simply planned on becoming a working stiff. Gabrielle believed her internship at a modeling agency in Los Angeles would be a simple way to earn some additional college credits.

She had no idea that customers were interested in the assistance. She was offered to work for the agency as a client when the internship was over. Gabby modeled until her agency discovered that she could really act because she felt it would be a perfect way to pay off her mountain of student loan debt.

Without any headshots, she got hired for her first audition/job on Saved by the Bell (1989). Before getting the character of “Dr. Courtney Ellis” on CBS’ short-lived medical drama City of Angels, she went on to have other tiny but significant film roles and appeared as a guest star on several popular TV series (2000).

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Gabrielle Union Ex Husband

Christopher Howard, a former American football player in the professional ranks, was born in Kenner, Louisiana, on May 5, 1975. He participated in an NFL competition with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Denver Broncos selected Howard in the fifth round of the 1998 NFL Draft. His career was plagued with fumbling issues, and as a result, the Broncos released him before he could take the field in a regular-season game. He then played with the Jaguars, who elevated him to a regular playing position.

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Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?

Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?
Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?

Howard and Union were wed from 2001 until 2005. Despite knowing that Howard was cheating on Union, Union supposedly went through with the wedding. Union discussed how her pals believed she was erring in her autobiography, We’re Going to Need More Wine. Dule continued groaning theatrically as he read from 1 Corinthians, stopping to glance at me and asking, “Are you understanding this?” Dule believed that this marriage was a horrible mistake.

Due to Howard’s adultery, the two finally got divorced. In her memoir, Union explains that the marriage was hasty and that “the reason he loved me became the reason he despised me” in their first union. Union has made it plain that she regrets not getting a prenuptial agreement with Howard, despite the fact that there is little information available about their divorce.

Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?
Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?

Union was questioned about if she had always “selected so brilliantly” in an interview with Arsenio Hall in 2014, only a few months before her nuptials to former NBA player Dwyane Wade. In response, the actress cited several instances of her bad decisions in the past and made it obvious that she understood she wanted a prenup for her future marriage to Wade. Gabrielle said that she explored her fantasies as a result of her divorce.

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Gabrielle discussed her divorce with Howard while on tour in support of her book, You Got Anything Stronger? She also said that she had no problem entertaining “f*** guys.” As a result of my divorce, I developed a mental bucket list, much like other divorcees. I had a list of jokes for my bucket list, she said. Wade was the man she ultimately chose to wed on August 30, 2014.

Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?
Why Did Chris Howard And Gabrielle Union Split Up?

Do Chris Howard and Gabrielle Union have any kids?

There were no children born to the former marriage. Wade’s three children from prior unions had Union as a stepmother. Late in 2018, the couple gave birth to a daughter named Kaavia James Union Wade. You may keep yourself up to date with all of the most recent news by visiting our website, Talkxbox.

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