Gabriel Iglesias Wife: How Many Times Has He Been Married?

Gabriel Iglesias Wife: As a comedian, Gabriel Iglesias is among the best in the world. Last Comic Standing was where Iglesias’ comedic career took off. After making it to the final eight, he was eliminated for trying to sneak in a phone to contact his loved ones. By 2011, Gabriel’s brilliance was clear to everyone, and he hosted Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution on Comedy Central.

After that, Gabriel appeared in a wide variety of media, such as Fluffy’s Food Adventures, Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade, The Fluffy Movie, Magic Mike XXL, and a lot more. Gabriel is also a world-famous stand-up comedian who performs all over the map. The acoustic musician Gabriel Iglesias is now unattached.


Who Is Gabriel Iglesias?

American comedian and actor Gabriel Iglesias. Aside from “Fluffy,” he has a few more nicknames. Gabriel Iglesias has risen to fame thanks to his role as Tobias in the Magic Mike films. As a comedian, Gabriel Iglesias is among the highest-paid performers in the world.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife
Gabriel Iglesias Wife

A common line in his act is “I’m not big. I’m fluffy.” Gabriel Jess Iglesias is the full form of Iglesias’s name. His parents, Esther Mendez (his mom) and Jess Iglesias (his dad), gave birth to him on July 15, 1976, in San Diego, California, America (father). He comes from a Mexican family. Gabriel Iglesias will turn 46 in July 2022.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Family

Esther P. Mendez, the mother of Gabriel Iglesias, was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 25, 1934. She has Mexican ancestry. The tragic loss of Esther Mendez occurred on May 1, 2012, at her home in West Covina. In Gabriel Iglesias’ early childhood, his father, Jess Iglesias, left the family.

Like myself, he has Mexican ancestry. The life of Gabriel Iglesias’s father, Jess Iglesias, is largely unknown at this time. Whether or not they are still in contact with one another and the nature of their connection, if any, remain unknown. You may also read Robert Kraft

Gabriel Iglesias’s Siblings

According to reports, Gabriel Iglesias grew raised with his mother and five older siblings after their father abandoned the family. Gabriel Iglesias and his siblings had a tough upbringing due to financial hardships. In his songs and poems, Gabriel Iglesias frequently alludes to the hardships endured by his own family.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Marriage And Wedding

Gabriel Iglesias has never been married and is currently single as of July 2022. While he is currently single, he was formerly involved in a long-term romance with actress Claudia Valdez.

About Gabriel Iglesias Relationship With Claudia Valdez

DNB Stories Africa reports that Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez have been dating since 2008. They first appeared in public together at the “A Wish For Animal Benefit” event at the Laugh Factory. When they first met is a mystery at this point.

Gabriel Iglesias Wife
Gabriel Iglesias Wife

Claudia Valdez’s ex-boyfriend gave birth to their kid, Frankie. Gabriel Iglesias took Frankie in as his own during their time together and raised her as his child. Valdez and Iglesias broke up in June 2020, after dating for 12 years. The grounds for their breakup were never revealed. Iglesias revealed that his family suffered greatly due to his melancholy and drunkenness.

The 44-year-old Gabriel Iglesias does not have a spouse. Gabriel’s personal life, including his relationship status, is usually kept under wraps. Reports vary as to whether he is currently in a covert relationship or is still single following his most recent split.

About Gabriel Iglesias Children

Gabriel Iglesias has an adopted son named Frankie Iglesias as of July 2022. Frankie was adopted by Gabriel Iglesias during his relationship with Claudia Valdez.

Mr. Frankie Iglesias

On December 8, 1997, Claudia Valdez and her former boyfriend welcomed their son, Frankie Iglesias. His biological father’s identity is a mystery at the moment. Frankie Iglesias first met Gabriel Iglesias when he was 11 years old. Gabriel Iglesias adopted Frankie and gave him his last name during their time together with Claudia Valdez. Currently, Frankie Iglesias is 24 years old.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight loss

After learning from his doctor that he would only have two years to live if he didn’t lose weight, Gabriel Iglesias set out on a mission to transform his body. Gabriel Iglesias had been fighting not only his weight but also Type II Diabetes.

Gabriel Iglesias elaborated that, at about 437 pounds, he experienced swollen legs and, as a result, nearly blackened legs in the back from inadequate blood flow. At his heaviest, he weighed 437 pounds when he began his weight loss adventure in 2013.

In 2015, Gabriel Iglesias reported that he has gone from 437 pounds to 320 pounds. He said he knew he needed to cut out refined carbohydrates like bread and cake if he wanted to get in better shape. Iglesias claims that, despite his weight loss, he still considers himself a “large person.”

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