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From Red Notice, to El Camino, take a look at best movies on Netflix right now


Red Notice

Dwayne Johnson plays an Interpol agent whose most recent mission makes him team up with a notorious art thief, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, in order to catch an even more notorious art thief, portrayed by Gal Gadot. Given the three actors involved, that is probably sufficient to make this a must-see film, so the overflow of action, comedy, and witty banter is just icing on the cake.

Lost Bullet

This French crime spine-chiller executes a simple premise to absolute perfection. Lino (former stunt man) is a specialist mechanic forced to work for dirty cops. When he’s framed for a homicide he didn’t commit, he needs to find the one thing that can prove his innocence: a lost bullet in a missing car.

Marriage Story

Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson play a couple hoping to get a divorce. He’s a controlling theater director; she’s an actress looking to break out into the films. Together, they are a mess whose only real bind remains their son.

The Irishman

Loaded with a show-stopping cast, Robert DeNiro leads the show as the former truck driver who falls in with a Pennsylvania crime family drove led by Joe Pesci’s Russell Bufalino.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

“Only you can decide what’s best for you, Jesse.” Those words, said during the opening moments of El Camino, epitomize the person’s journey through Breaking Bad – the show-stopping series that charted the rise and fall of Walter White. El Camino proceeds with Jesse’s excursion beyond the finale, offering a farewell for the beloved former meth cook.

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