From Geralt to Master Chief, take a look at best Xbox characters of the last decade


Geralt (The Witcher Series)

Witcher 3 might have been released on different stages, including PlayStation, however, Geralt has consistently found himself closely connected to Xbox as well as Microsoft. The first installment, based on the well-known book series, was released only on PC and Mac, with the second game coming to Xbox 360 as a console exclusive.

Jack Cooper, BT7274 (Titanfall 2)

Yes, this might be two characters, and indeed, Titanfall isn’t a Xbox exclusive franchise. In any case, the game debuted as one and is closely associated with Xbox. Both of them as characters are depicted on screen as a tandem, particularly in their best moments.

The Weapon (Halo Infinite)

What’s the greatest surprise Halo Infinite delivered? That it finally came out? That it’s perfect? No, none of those. That honor belongs to The Weapon. Besides the fact that The Weapon asked a tall task in virtually becoming fan favorite Cortana’s replacement, yet adds a sense of comical levity relatively new to the series.

Kait Diaz (Gears Of War 4 And 5)

Gears of War 4 and 5  follow the next generation decades after the first few games in the series. Kait is one of the better characters to be presented in the newer saga. Rather than feeling like a token female character, Kait simply sparkles as one of the overall stars of the series.

Master Chief (Halo Series)

Master Chief has forever been a subtle character of few words, however, you can feel the hype each time he decides to talk. John’s personality, particularly in Infinite, is principally told in non-verbal communication and mannerism, yet it couldn’t be any more effective. He’s beyond tired, however, the mission, no, his mission demands he continues.

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