Get The Fire Emblem 3 Hopes Ending: Is There a Link Between Three Hopes and the Movies?

The canonical position of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a subject fraught with complication. When Byleth decides which house they want to teach in, the original tales of the Three Houses begin to branch off in different directions. In each of the four possible timelines, there is a substantial break in continuity between the first and second half of Three House. At the end of every journey, a unique conclusion waits for you.

The player can choose any of the game’s four possible narrative trajectories, each of which can be considered canon fully. For example, after each path in Three Houses, players can pair off with one of several different characters from the game’s cast of over 30. In addition, because there are four primary timelines, the story might conclude in various ways, depending on which characters end up in romantic relationships.

Is There a Connection That Must Be Followed Between the Novel Three Hopes and the Films?

At this point, there is not a main canon narrative present in Three Houses; instead, there are multiple alternate histories. Things get even more convoluted in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes because Shez takes Byleth’s place as the primary character that the player can control in the game. Shez then can select one of three other paths, each of which is associated with a different story.

Since there are no canonical ties between the three paths in Three Hopes and the four primary paths in Three Houses, the latter shouldn’t be recognized as canonical because it contradicts what is established in the former. On the other side, Three Hopes is an expansion of the lore and history introduced in Three Houses.

It is planned to include the introduction of family members of characters not seen in Three Houses, as well as further development of the personalities of some of the existing characters. Every aspect of the game should be interpreted as having someplace in the overarching mythology of the universe inhabited by the Three Houses.

Final Scenario Available in the Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Video Game.

Fire Emblem 3 Hopes Final Scenario

In contrast to Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem: Three Houses did not have a Revelation story that could be played after completing either of its other courses. Instead, this story could be found in Fire Emblem Fates. Furthermore, in addition to the branching storyline for the Black Eagles, this DLC does not have any storyline overlap or progression between the different factions.

In Three Houses, each tale, despite being distinct and contributing in its way to the overarching narrative, cannot be read without the other tales. In addition, there are numerous aspects of the plot that can only be accessed by going through certain Houses. For example, Dynasty Warriors 7 and 8 could solve the problem of Three Hopes if they added a new path that took place either immediately after the conclusion of the previous ones or somewhere nearby.

The Sonic the Hedgehog games released during the Dreamcast and GameCube era could be a source of inspiration for this “final storyline.” When all of the tales contained in a particular entry were complete, there was still one more possibility that might be investigated. In most cases, it featured a conflict with a boss and a gratifying finale that brought everyone together.

The typical storylines in Sonic Adventure 2 run parallel to one another, making it a strong fit for Three Hopes, although the Last Story in Sonic Adventure 2 features some regular gameplay.


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Since a complete run of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is anticipated to contain fewer routes than a finished run of a Fire Emblem: Three Houses counterpart, it is reasonable to assume that the player will complete all of the ways and even more of them. If fans were able to complete the entirety of the alternative Three Houses scenario in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes and obtain a new ending for their factions, the game would be a huge success.

The Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes video game for the Nintendo Switch will be available on June 24, 2022.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Discover the Response to the Mysterious Question?

The Secret Ending may only be accessed if the player successfully recruits Byleth, a character who makes an appearance in the decisive fight of one of the later Chapters in the game.

The specifics of this chapter will change depending on the path you choose to take. When you first start combat, you’ll see a notification that reads, “Your actions in this battle will have a huge impact on the outcome of the story.” If you look for this notification, you’ll be able to determine which chapter you are currently on. Save your game now so that if you fail in recruiting Byleth, you’ll have the option to try again later.

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