Field Of Dreams Game 2023 :MLB Won’t Return To Field Of Dreams For

The first Field of Dreams Game in MLB history in 2021 was an incredible spectacle. Players for the White Sox and Yankees emerged from the Dyersville, Iowa cornfields before putting on a performance that at times resembled a home run derby. Tim Anderson hit a walk-off dinger to win it.

This season, Major League Baseball is returning to its roots with the Thursday game between the underperforming Reds and Cubs at the revered location. The teams will wear vintage attire to honor their origins as two of the game’s oldest franchises. However, Dyersville won’t host baseball in 2023.

Why won’t there be an MLB Field of Dreams Game in 2023?

The Des Moines Register was given a hazy explanation by Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, who is a member of the organization that owns the complex, as to why the game will be suspended due to renovations.

According to The Register, Thomas said, “There’s a lot going on.” “If the stadium is not ready,” they won’t return.

The construction schedule calls for the addition of baseball and softball fields for young players. The project will start this year and last into next.

The diamond’s organic, non-industrial appearance contributes to the appeal of the game. Even if the project is nearing completion, it is evident that MLB doesn’t want to dispel that image by holding a game there while the building is ongoing.

Country music icon Walker Hayes was still playing in the background at the stadium that had been built especially for the “Field of Dreams” filming location.

David Ross, the manager of the Chicago Cubs, was seated in the nearby temporary media tent. Ross tried to recall his team’s special day in Iowa while wearing the throwback jersey they wore during the game. Ross remarked, “Really fantastic occasion.”

The Cubs defeated the Cincinnati Reds 4-2 in front of a sellout crowd of 7,823 spectators for the event, which is currently in its second year with a return anticipated in 2024. Another set of remarkable events occurred that evening, with Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. emerging from the corn and engaging in a game of catch in the outfield.

The late actor Ray Liotta, who portrayed “Shoeless” Joe Jackson in the film, was honored. Even the late Cubs announcer Harry Caray may be seen singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” in a hologram.

Field Of Dreams Game 2023 :MLB Won't Return To Field Of Dreams For
Field Of Dreams Game 2023 :MLB Won’t Return To Field Of Dreams For

Players on both teams made an effort to enjoy the occasion. Before the game, Cubs players strolled through the corn, went to the Diamond movie location, and took selfies. Players approached the famous mansion from the movie and some of the team’s coaches even participated in a game of catch in the infield. Some even expressed the wish that other players could partake in it in the future.

Could there be more memories to be made in Dyersville?

MLB won’t come back in 2023, according to Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, who is a member of the organization that owns and runs the movie site, because they are building a young baseball and softball complex that they aim to have finished by the next summer.

He hopes MLB will be back in 2024 or later. Regardless matter the magic the MLB may have unleashed at Field of Dreams, the sport must continue to draw in new followers in the crowded market for sports fans.

People often mention that boxing and horse racing were the two most popular sports fifty or seventy years ago, according to Cubs president Jed Hoyer. “The game must continue to expand. We must continue to do stuff like this, venture outside of the normal cities, and expand the game for young people or expand it beyond the dedicated fans.”

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