Fallout New Vegas Release Date: Discussion About The Frontier Platforms

Fallout New Vegas Release Date: A new trailer for the widely awaited unofficial expansion mod, Fallout: Frontier, has been released, showcasing vehicle combat and revealing an intriguing release date. There aren’t many video game series with as many dedicated fans as the Fallout titles. Fans of Fallout: New Vegas, widely regarded as the series’s pinnacle installment, are exerting significant effort to maintain the game’s continued success.

The modders behind Fallout: The Frontier have put in untold hours of labor and rallied an incredible number of players to finally make this unofficial expansion a reality. Fans of Fallout and the Fallout community may finally stop wishing they were already in Wasteland. The release date, which was announced in a video posted on YouTube, is January 15, 2021.

Fallout New Vegas Release Date
Fallout New Vegas Release Date

Players can expect a fresh adventure set in frigid Portland, Oregon, far from the vibrant dangers of New Vegas, and full of recognizable sights and locations from the real world. In addition to the enhanced fighting mechanics and visuals, the unauthorized expansion adds three new story-based questlines complete with voice acting and more than fifty side quests.

Exciting new vehicle-based gameplay areas, both on the ground and in the air, are also in the works for fans. It’s important to remember that you need both the original Fallout and all four of the game’s official downloadable content packs to play Fallout: The Frontier. It’s now over 19GB in size, and it could expand with each subsequent update.

There is no cost associated with downloading the mod. The crew has also confirmed that the events of Fallout: The Frontier occur concurrently with the canonical DLCS of Fallout: New Vegas. The group also recommends starting a new save file if players want to avoid any potential issues.

It’s impossible not to root for the team and wish them the best of luck when thinking about all the effort, skill, and passion that went into developing this beloved game’s expansion. The number of gamers who choose to carry on their Wasteland quest in this fan-made adventure will be fascinating to observe. On January 15, 2021, Fallout: The Frontier will launch for PC.

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