Fall Guys: Fall Guys Is Adapting To Star Trek

Fall Guys: In the most recent update for the famous game, which was released in honor of a classic science fiction series, Fall Guys is venturing into space, the final frontier. Anyone paying attention to the current season of Fall Guys might have easily guessed that there would be a significant Star Trek tie-in sometime in the show.

The most recent season focuses on the beans’ exploits in outer space, with episodes appropriately titled “Cosmic Highway” and “Space Race” to reflect the cosmic nature of their journeys. Spock, a Star Trek television series character, can be unlocked as a skin by purchasing the space-themed season pass for Fall Guys. This ticket also has an emote that says, “live long and prosper.”

Fall Guys Is Adapting To Star Trek

Now, Fall Guys is deepening its connection to the science fiction series by producing even more Star Trek content as part of the expansion of their partnership. This entails the addition of new skins and accessories, as well as a celebration for the winners of matches. The Fall Guys store will commemorate from the 6th until the 10th of October by offering skins of the Star Trek characters Uhura and Worf dressed in their trademark uniforms.

The late Nichelle Nichols performed Uhura, and Michael Dorn originally played Worf. A party named “Beam Me Up” and a backpack in the shape of the well-known starship USS Enterprise are both items that can be purchased from the Fall Guys store. During this celebration, the player suddenly vanishes, similar to how characters in Star Trek do when they are beamed, and then swiftly reappears with a crown in their hand.

Since Fall Guys have transitioned to a free-to-play model, the game’s season count has been reset, and the first season will run from June 2022 through September 2022. Since September 15, players have been able to participate in the current season, Satellite Scramble, and there have been several references to other works of science fiction.

Most recently, the Alien series was highlighted, and Star Trek things have already been incorporated into the season pass. On October 10, the current Star Trek promotion will end, and there may be a tie-in for another science fiction series after that. The conclusion of the Satellite Scramble season as a whole will take place on November 22.

Because 200 season pass levels are available for the current season, players will need to play a significant number of rounds and complete all of the Fall Guys battle pass objectives as quickly as possible if they want to unlock all of the sci-fi skins. At level 54, you will be able to acquire the full Spock skin, and at level 45, you will be able to unlock the “live long and prosper” emote.

Both of these are on paid tiers. Players who aren’t even close to reaching level 100 have a lot of ground to cover before they can fully benefit from their season pass and unlock all of the available Fall Guys costumes. Except for the Whirlybean, Hidey Insidey, and Nyandroid Omega outfits, most of the level awards become crown shards once the player reaches the halfway point in the game.

PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S users may now get their hands on Fall Guys.

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