Every Uvalde Police who Reacted to the School Shooting will be Investigated

Uvalde City Council vows to investigate every police officer who responded to the May school massacre. “This inquiry involves looking at every officer and what he did, what our policy says,” council member Ernest “Chip,” King III said. “We will act on it, and we assure you that.”

Former Austin police detective Jesse Prado, the council’s chief investigator, will interview Uvalde police personnel, King said. “We’ll let the inquiry run, see what he determines, but everyone from Uvalde PD who was present will be held accountable,” he said. “Families deserve it. Another council member, Everardo “Lalo” “Zamora referred to the community’s sadness after the attack that killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

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The 80-minute gap between when the first bullets were fired and when the gunman was slain has been heavily criticized. Uvalde police officers were among the first to arrive at the school after a gunman opened fire outside, entered through a side entrance, and opened fire in a classroom. 400 cops from 20 agencies responded to the May 24 shooting.

Officials say Uvalde has 39 sworn cops. A Texas House investigation committee found 25 of them at the shooting scene. The city has placed the acting police chief on administrative leave while it evaluates if he should have taken over. State police are investigating the shooting.
Two reviews of the response so far have condemned school district police chief Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, albeit neither offers a detailed description of the day and its shortcomings. The investigation also found widespread law enforcement failings.  Arredondo has ignored CNN’s requests for comment on his activities that day.

His lawyer informed the Texas Tribune Arredondo wasn’t the “incident commander”Arredondo told the House investigating “My approach and thought was responding as a police officer,” the chief said, per the congressional report. I didn’t self-title.” The superintendent has recommended firing the chief, who is on administrative leave. The chief’s attorney asked that a school board meeting to decide on his firing be canceled.


Demands That Police Be Taken Off Patrol

Some city council members demanded that city officers who attended the school be placed on leave or assigned desk duties. “I understand that parents want answers. Nobody on the city council wants to deliver those answers more than I do “Hector R. Luevano, a member of the Uvalde City Council, stated during the public section of the council meeting on Tuesday.

Every Uvalde police who reacted to the school shooting will be investigated
Every Uvalde police who reacted to the school shooting will be investigated

“I’m a former police officer, so I have some understanding of the steps that need to be made,” he continued. “I can guarantee the families in this town that as a member of this council, I will do all in my ability to provide you with the answers you require,” he stated. “If any officer is in violation of any policy or procedure that they needed to act on and did not and may have caused these children to die, these teachers to die, I can guarantee you, heads will roll,” Luevano said.

Council members stated that their investigator should complete his study within two months, after which Prado will offer recommendations to the council, possibly including disciplinary sanctions.

A City Council Member Criticizes the Governor of Texas

On Monday night, a resolution calling for an emergency legislative session to discuss raising the age at which people can purchase semi-automatic, military-style rifles passed the city council, just as the school board did the night before. For his 18th birthday, the Uvalde gunman bought two AR-15-style firearms. In the massacre, he used one.
As Luevano pointed out, Governor Abbott has ties to the NRA, which supported his campaign, and he expects him to ignore the requests.
“Will this be a one-of-a-kind event? No, I don’t believe so “he commented. “And what is the purpose of requesting a special meeting? Why does he not take the lead?”
As Luevano put it, “I don’t even think he cares for Uvalde.” Abbott’s office has been contacted by CNN and asked for comment.

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