Eric Roberts Net Worth: His Wealth Shows His Fame In Various Movies!

Eric Roberts Net Worth: Eric Anthony Roberts, an established American actor, is the famous sister of Julia Roberts, another A-list star on the silver screen. Many of his films, including “King of the Gypsies,” “Wolves of Wall Street,” “Runaway Train,” “Deadline,” and “Sicilian Vampire,” have helped him gain fame.

Roberts began his acting career in the hit NBC soap opera “How to Survive a Marriage” in the United States. In the 1978’s drama film “King of the Gypsies,” he made his debut as the title character. The film, directed by Frank Pierson, was a huge success, and as a result, Roberts was nominated for a “Golden Globe Award” for “Best Motion Picture Acting Debut.”

Star 80, a 1983 American film directed by Bob Fosse, featured him in his next major role. Roberts’s performance in this blockbuster film earned him the “Boston Society of Film Critics Award” for “Best Actor.”

In the subsequent drama-thriller “Runaway Train,” for which he received two award nominations, he had a prominent role. Roberts has also made guest appearances on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a popular police drama on the CBS television network.

Eric Roberts Net Worth
Eric Roberts Net Worth

Eric Roberts Early Life

The 18th of April, 1956 saw the birth of Eric Anthony Roberts in Biloxi, Mississippi. His father wrote plays and his mother performed in them, so naturally, their children attended acting and writing classes together in Atlanta. Both Eric and his younger sister Julia began their acting careers at an early age thanks to the existence of a training facility for young performers in their native Georgia. You may also read Aisha Tyler

But things weren’t always easy for the Roberts kids. After separating in 1971, the parents divorced the following year in 1972. As a result, Eric’s father took up raising him and he was never reunited with his sisters. His father died quickly from cancer, which was a terrible tragedy.

His mother and sisters eventually distanced themselves from him after this, although things were just as tense on their end of the family. In retrospect, he calls his mother’s union with her new, abusive, and usually jobless spouse “the biggest mistake of her life.”

Eric Roberts Career

Eric’s acting debut was in the soap opera “Another World” in 1977. He eventually became a movie star, with roles in films like “Runaway Train,” “Star 80,” and “King of the Gypsies.” During that period, he also made cameo performances in other Broadway shows, among them “Burn This.”

As the 1980s and 1990s progressed, Eric appeared in a wide variety of films, and he continued to amass an impressive list of credits in the years that followed. Furthermore, he broke new ground by playing the Master in “Dr. Who”; no actor from outside of Britain had ever done so before.

He has also appeared in numerous television series, including “Less than Perfect,” “The L Word,” “Law & Order,” “Heroes,” and many more. In “Justice League” and “Justice League Unlimited,” Roberts rose to fame as a voice actor for his portrayal of the villain Mongul.

He has also voiced characters on TV episodes including “Danny Phantom” and others. One of Eric’s highest-grossing films, “The Dark Knight,” had him as a Gotham City Mafia lord. Later, he played the villainous lead in “The Expendables.” His most recent roles may be seen in films like “The Institute” and TV series like “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Eric Roberts Personal Life

Throughout his life, Eric Roberts pursued numerous relationships, many of which involved famous actresses. Sandy Dennis lived with Eric Roberts for a total of five years in the 1970s. Thereafter, he tried to start a relationship with Kelly Cunningham. Their connection resulted in the birth of his only child, Emma Roberts, to him and Cunningham.

Later in life, Emma established herself as a notable actress, with 2001’s “Blow” serving as her breakthrough film. She has since appeared in a wide variety of films and television shows, including “American Horror Story.” In 2020, when Emma gave birth to their first child, Eric Roberts joined the ranks of grandfathers everywhere.

At a later time, it was learned that Cunningham and Eric had argued over who should have parental rights to their daughter. In court, Eric claims his older sister sided with Kelly. Eric married Eliza Roberts, an actor, in 1992.

Eric Roberts Net Worth

Eric Roberts is an American actor who is worth $2 million. Roberts may have achieved his greatest notoriety from his lead performances in early films like “King of the Gypsies.” This film was Eric’s first in Hollywood, and it not only launched his career but also garnered him a Golden Globe nomination that year. His performance in 1983’s “Star 80” earned him a second Golden Globe nomination.

His performance in “Runaway Train” earned him Golden Globe and Academy Award nod in 1985. Although his career declined after his first success in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Roberts spent almost four decades in the industry and amassed over 600 acting credits, garnering him a reputation as one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors.

In the 1990s, he appeared on “The Specialist.” Parts in films like “National Security,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Expendables,” and “The Institute” started coming his way in the 2000s. Over the course of his career, he has also had guest appearances on shows like “Less Than Perfect,” “Heroes,” “The Young and the Restless,” “Saved by the Light,” “Suits,” and “Doctor Who.”

Not only is Eric Roberts the famous actor’s father, but he is also the famous actor Julia Roberts’ older brother. The separation between Eric and Julia lasted for a long time. Their alienation can be traced back to the fact that he used drugs in the past and that Julia supported his ex-girlfriend in the custody battle over Emma.

In an interview with People magazine from 2004, he revealed that he and his sister were finally able to make up when he visited her in the hospital after the birth of their twins.

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