How To Download Epic Games Launcher For Windows And MacOS?

Epic Games isn’t your typical gaming publisher. Since “Fortnite” became famous worldwide, the business has been on a mission to get to the top of the game development world. The dominance of Steam and its creator, Valve (“Portal,” “Half-Life”) in the gaming market has been challenged by Epic Games with the opening of the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games have sued even Google and Apple for the hefty commission fees (up to 30%) they demand from developers to sell games on their platforms. Additionally, independent creators can use Epic’s Unreal Engine, a potent software tool, to make their games. On the Epic Games Store, a storefront akin to Steam, it is available without charge.

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Offerings From The Epic Games Store

Steam, which has dominated the online game distribution market for more than ten years, is probably well-known to PC and Mac gamers. Much more recent than Steam, the Epic Games Store debuted in late 2018, yet it has already established itself as a competitor.

Part of that is due to “Fortnite’s” astronomical success and the company’s desire to secure exclusive distribution rights to other creators’ most eagerly awaited games. For a while, many PC gamers were miffed that Epic Games was the only location to play “Borderlands 3.”

In the end, Steam and the Epic Games Store essentially accomplish the same thing—distribute first- and third-party games—but there are a few key distinctions. A well-established community and a considerably more extensive library may be found on Steam.

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Even though Epic Games is more straightforward, it has access to the Unreal Engine and several exclusives. Neither platform charges a monthly price to download games from their site, so there is no reason why both shouldn’t exist. You have complete discretion over the games you download from each platform as a user.

How To Use The Epic Games Store?

The UI of the Epic Games Store is straightforward and uncomplicated. After creating an account, select a display name that other players will use to identify you. That can only be altered once every two weeks but at any time.

With pals, add each other on the platform by exchanging these names. You can play online with friends in this manner. Either straight from the Epic Games Store or using game codes from a different developer.

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Epic Games Launcher Download

If you’re a Steam user, you should know that you can’t gift a game from the Epic Games Store unless you wish to provide your account and password to someone else. It’s risky because that goes against Epic Games’ rules, so for the time being, stick to purchasing games for yourself.

The Epic Games Store is currently in its early stages and only offers a few functions. But if the company’s rapid ascent indicates, we anticipate more significant growth.

Modify Your Name In Epic Games

Changes to your Epic Games name won’t affect your PlayStation or Xbox Gamertag or display name because those platforms use your PlayStation Network and Xbox Live names, respectively. But if you use a “Full” Epic Games account and play on a PC, Mac, or Nintendo Switch, altering your Epic Games name will also change your name in games you own on those platforms.

  • Launch your web browser and sign into your Epic Games account if you haven’t already.
  • Go to this Account Info page and select the blue pencil next to your display name.
  • Double-click your new display name.
  • Verify that you are aware that display names may be altered once every two weeks by checking the corresponding box.
  • Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Cancel Your Epic Games Account, Erasing All Game Data And Achievements In The Process

You can deactivate your account with Epic Games. Still, you must confirm your decision by entering a verification code issued to your email account because doing so will permanently remove all of your purchases and game progress.

Delete Your Epic Games Account Here:

1. Launch a web browser, go to the Epic Games website, and sign into your account.

2. Click your account name at the top and then select “Account” if you are not already on the General Preferences page containing your account settings.

How To Get The Launcher For Epic Games?

To get the Epic Games launcher, go here:

  • The website for Epic Games
  • In the upper right corner, select Download.
  • The Launcher installer file should begin downloading immediately. If it doesn’t, start the Download manually by clicking the button corresponding to your platform.

Get The Epic Games Launcher For MacOS

The official game distribution platform is called Epic Game Launcher. It enables game creators to publish titles that a sizable audience can buy. There are several games there, both free and paid. It was initially released in 2018, and both Windows and Mac operating systems are supported.

English, French, German, Japanese, and other languages are among the many that are supported. Users must view advertisements even if there is no fee to utilize them. Epic Games used the C++ programming language to create it. You can follow the instructions in this article to set up the Epic Games Launcher on macOS.

The Epic Games Launcher: MacOS Installation

To install Epic Games Launcher on macOS, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open any web browser and go to the official website.

Step 2: Click the Get Epic Games button.

Step 3: The downloading will now begin; wait for it to be finished.

Step 4: Locate and launch the executable file downloaded to your computer.

Step 5: The application now launches and initializes the home screen.

Step 6: Hold the file in your hand to install the Epic Games and drag it to the program.

Step 7: Find the file in the Applications folder and open it.

Step 8: The software will now download an additional update file.

Step 9: Select one of the available alternatives to logging in.

Congratulations! The interface has been initialized and is available for use. You’ve now completed the installation of Epic Games Launcher on your macOS system.

Remove The Epic Games Launcher And All Of Its Games From Your PC Or Mac

Steam was the only game launcher everyone had to consider a few years ago. Now, it seems like every new game has its application to launch, thanks to, GOG Galaxy, and the Epic Games Launcher.

The Epic Games Launcher can be easily uninstalled if you install it but subsequently decide you don’t need or want it. Remember to ensure they are entirely closed before uninstalling the Epic Games Launcher or any of your games. If you use a PC, this can kill their processes in the Task Manager.

Epic Games Launcher Download

Remove Epic Games Launcher From A Computer

1. Type “remove” into the Start button search box, and when “Add or delete applications” shows in the search results, click it.

2. Select “Epic Games Launcher” from the list of apps, then select “Uninstall.”

As Windows removes the program, wait. The Launcher and any games you may have installed through the Launcher have now been removed from your computer.

Remove The Epic Games Launcher On A Mac

1. Click “Applications” on the left sidebar of the Finder after opening it.

2. Locate the Epic Games Launcher icon and throw it away. Drag the icon to the garbage in your Dock or choose “Move to Trash” from the context menu when you right-click it to accomplish this.

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