Emma Thompson opens up on constantly being body-shamed

The 63-year-old actress uncovered she has rarely been approached to do racy scenes in films because male executives didn’t think she had the right look for them.

Reportedly, she said: “I’ve never really been offered sex scenes. As my mother said, I’ve basically played a series of ‘good’ women. I do ‘cerebral.’ And I have also never conformed to the shape or look of someone they might want to see naked.

“And by ‘they,’ I mean male executives. I’m too mouthy, not pretty enough, not the right kind of body. And, crikey, you are constantly told what kind of body you have,” Thompson added.

She also said, “In one interview I did, the male journalist wrote that I’d put on a lot of weight since I appeared in ‘Fortunes of War’, and that my legs were ‘now like tree trunks,’ and that I’d ‘let myself down.’ I was 31 and, quite frankly, no longer starving myself. I don’t think anyone knows quite how thin most actresses are in real life. They look quite unreal.”


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