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Egg Memes 2023: The Price Of Egg Is Up And Down

Egg Memes 2023

Egg Memes 2023

The price of eggs these days is un-egg-notable (I swear, that’s the only egg joke I’ll use). Eggs once cost roughly $2, but they are now $7!? According to research provided by Insider’s Alex Bitter, the lethal sickness kills 90% to 100% of infected poultry within a few days. As a result, consumers are paying more for chicken goods, including eggs.

On the Walmart website, an 18-count carton of extra-large white eggs is priced at $7.52 as of January. According to the Washington Post, consumers in California pay an even higher premium, nearly $7.37 for just a dozen. According to Forbes, the emergence of an avian influenza virus that began in early 2022 and has impacted around 57 million hens is the primary reason egg costs are still high.

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Egg Memes 2023

In 2023, egg costs first crept up to $4 per dozen, then to $5 per dozen, and finally, I’ve seen ads for over $10 for a dozen eggs! These also aren’t the upscale organic varieties. Enjoy these humorous jokes about egg costs and how costly eggs are to distract us from weeping. No more omelets for my kids as well. Is this recipe any good, listen? Since doing so would be asking for gold sparkles in the cake.

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The Price Of Egg Is Up And Down

The Price Of Egg Is Up And Down

Customers are noticing that the price of a dozen eggs at their neighborhood supermarkets is rising, and the internet jokes are exactly what we need right now. According to the US Department of Agriculture, an avian influenza epidemic in February 2022 harmed over 58 million hens. Another user made light of the fact that they needed the buy-now-pay-later company Klarna in order to buy a dozen eggs. Nearly 70,000 people liked the tweet, which received over 2 million views.

Although producers appear to be rebounding quicker from avian outbreaks among their hens, Emily Metz, president of the American Egg Board, told the Washington Post that it is uncertain when customers should expect egg costs to decrease.

“Farms now need roughly six months to start flocks laying again compared to about nine months in 2015. Most of the farms impacted in 2022 have already resumed egg production “According to the research, Metz stated. You may keep yourself up to date with all of the most recent news by visiting our website, Talkxbox.

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