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EA’s top free mobile video games are available for play anytime, anyplace. The Sims Mobile lets you play with real life, Madden Mobile lets you challenge your friends in FIFA Mobile, Star WarsTM: Galaxy of Heroes lets you create a team to rule the galaxy and, many other games. Both iOS and Android have EA mobile gaming options!

Electronic Arts (EA) American video game development studio for mobile devices is called EA Mobile Inc. The studio’s main line of business is creating mobile games. It has also created additional entertainment-related software, including ringtone programs and games for PDAs and other mobile devices. Fighting games, puzzle games, sports games, and other genres are all produced by EA Mobile.

Their most well-known games to date are The Sims, Need for Speed, and FIFA, as well as a mobile version of the popular puzzle game Bejeweled, a conversion of the PC game Worms World Party for the Pocket PC, and their NFL, NBA, and MLB-branded games. They also have the rights to mobile versions of Tetris and various Monopoly games. The third best-selling game overall and the best-selling paid mobile game of all time is Tetris by EA Mobile.

They have connections with all of the main wireless service providers in North America, including Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, as well as a number of smaller North American carriers and some significant carriers in Europe and Asia. Los Angeles, Montreal, London, Tokyo, Hyderabad, Honolulu, Bucharest, and So Paulo are among the cities where they have offices.

The main service provided by EA Mobile as a publishing company in the wireless video game sector is connecting game developers—who typically create the games from conception to playable software—with wireless telecommunications service providers, or “carriers,” who then market the games to end users. In order to achieve this, they keep solid connections with significant businesses in both groupings.

A typical practice among publishers of electronic games is to construct, acquire, and manage proprietary software libraries to assist developers with whom they have business agreements. Additionally, they handle most of the quality control work for their games.



A group of seasoned employees from the EA corporation launched EA Mobile in 2004. John Batter, the general manager, organized and served as the group’s leader. Other members included Linda Chaplin, the head of US sales, Mike McCabe, the CTO, John Burn, the head of European sales, and Lincoln Wallen (the head of Asian sales). In the US, Europe, and Asia, EA Mobile simultaneously debuted the division and its offerings.

JAMDAT procurement EA Mobile increased its reach in 2006 by acquiring JAMDAT Mobile. In March 2000, Scott Lahman, Zack Norman, and Austin Murray—all former executives at Activision—founded JAMDAT. In November of that same year, Mitch Lasky, the CEO of JAMDAT and a former employee of Activision, joined them. After various mobile games with The Lord of the Rings theme were released, JAMDAT went public in late 2003 and had quick popularity.

EA stated on December 9, 2005, that it has paid $680 million for JAMDAT. On February 14, 2006, the acquisition was finalized, and the moniker JAMDAT was dropped. Barry Cottle will join EA Mobile as the next Senior Vice President and General Manager, it was announced on August 8, 2007.

Announcing the purchase of UK-based iPhone and iPad game maker “Chillingo” for US$20 million in cash, EA Mobile made the announcement in October 2010. Even though Chillingo is the publisher of the well-known Cut the Rope game, their assets were not included in the acquisition.

Frank Gibeau was replaced as SVP and General Manager of EA Mobile by Samantha Ryan in July 2015. The next year, she added management of Maxis and BioWare as part of a restructure at parent firm EA. As of 2017, EA Mobile had a workforce of about 800 individuals and annual revenue of about $700 million.

The partnership between EA Mobile and EA Capital Games and Middle-earth Enterprises to create The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth was announced in May 2022. Electronic Arts made what seemed to be a strange announcement in June. It disclosed one of its largest-ever acquisitions, the third sizable buy in less than seven months.

It wasn’t for a studio that EA has a lengthy history of working with or a studio that was well-known for producing PlayStation or Xbox games. EA was paying $1.4 billion for Playdemic, the company behind the single mobile game Golf Clash, which belonged to Warner Bros. Games.

That is almost four times what EA paid for Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, in 2017. It’s also double what the business paid PopCap Games, the studio behind Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies, ten years ago, the last significant EA mobile acquisition before this year.

With its sports franchises FIFA and Madden and blockbuster PC and console releases like The Sims and Mass Effect, EA has spent years solidifying its brand. It now desires to increase its footprint. The business’s approach is in many ways illustrative of what the biggest game developers in the market are currently pursuing: a comprehensive, cross-platform portfolio that reaches consumers wherever they are, be it on smartphones, in the living room on a console, or playing on an expensive gaming PC.

Now that practically everyone wants a dedicated gaming device, huge game publishers are using this strategy to find new audiences and retain those audiences in their ecosystems.

Are There Mobile Games From EA?

Both iOS and Android have EA mobile gaming options!

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