Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru Feel The Deficiency Of Ben Affleck

Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru: When Ben Affleck was seen staffing the drive-thru window of a Dunkin’ Donuts in Medford, Massachusetts, some tourists were taken aback. He was there collecting orders from none other than his wife Jennifer Lopez. According to El Imparcial, a resident of Medford called Lisa Mackay uploaded the image of the actor giving his wife she preferred beverage while donning a Dunkin’ Donuts suit on her Instagram account.

Customers that the actor served said he quickly took care of their orders and even displayed his amazing sense of humor when speaking with them. The great winner, though, was his wife, affectionately referred to as “Pumpkin.” Many were intrigued by the strange sight. The pair also refutes allegations that things were rocky after they were married because they were spotted enjoying a great time together.

This week, actor Ben Affleck startled customers by delivering them coffee and doughnuts while wearing a Dunkin’ uniform. Some sharp-eyed patrons also noticed singer Jennifer Lopez, who wed Affleck in August. After the actor delivered her meal, local Lisa Mackay told NBC10 Boston that he was “very humorous and quick-witted.” For the purpose of filming the interaction for a commercial that some have predicted may appear during the Super Bowl, Mackay informed the NBC affiliate that she signed a consent form.

A source of celebrity news Backgrid recorded Lopez pulling up to the window while Affleck handed her an iced coffee with a smile. Affleck, a native of Cambridge, Massachusetts, enjoys the well-known coffee and doughnut company and is frequently seen carrying their beverages. Social media users wrote that Affleck seemed to be “living his dream.”

No one in Hollywood has ever seen Ben Affleck smile this broadly, according to Fletcher Peters, an entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast. Man needs to resign from his position and begin working shifts at Dunkin’.

Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru
Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru

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The 50-year-old Boston resident unexpectedly showed up at a Massachusetts Dunkin’ drive-through on Tuesday to sell the breakfast chain’s coffee and doughnuts. The devoted Dunkin’ fan was working at the window dressed in a staff costume that included a black visor and a shirt that said, “America runs on Dunkin’.” As they drew up to get their food, Affleck astounded the crowd. One client said that the actor paid them their money back and provided complimentary food and beverages.

Lisa Mackay, a different client at the Medford, Massachusetts store, told NBC 10 Boston that Affleck was “quick-witted and humorous” while working there for the day. The two-time Academy Award winner is one of the enthusiastic Dunkin’ coffee drinkers in Boston. He frequently engages in Dunkin’ coffee consumption in public. He discussed opening a Dunkin’ Donuts in Los Angeles with Collider in 2019.

Does Ben Affleck Either Run On Dunkin?
Does Ben Affleck Either Run On Dunkin?

“It’s incredible! Every day, I eat at Dunkin’ Donuts. It’s quite strange; I have it daily and people often ask, “Where is that?” Is that close by? I thus believe I am spreading the word.” Affleck, aside from manning the drive-through, had a full year. He rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez in April 2021, and they later got married in August.

On New Year’s Day, Lopez posted a summary video of the year’s highlights, including some never-before-seen images from their wedding, as she reflected on “one of the finest years ever.” “I cannot wait for all that is coming next year,” Lopez continued.

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Was It A Super Bowl AD To Air Between The Breaks?
Was It A Super Bowl AD To Air Between The Breaks?

According to journalist Megan Johnson, the presence of both celebrities at the doughnut shop was just a manufactured event since there were cameras filming. Apparently, there is more going on behind this unusual sight than first appears. According to rumors in the media, Bennifer was involved in the recording of a promotional spot for Donkin’ Donuts that would play during the upcoming Super Bowl broadcast.

And it appears that the doughnut company picked one of its most devoted and regular clients as the star of the campaign since social media users noted that Affleck has been seen using their goods several times over the years. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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