Dream Face Reveal: Minecraft YouTuber Dream Face Reveal Plan for Next Video

Dream Face Reveal: Dream’s identity has been concealed throughout his career as a content creator, but that is about to change. The hero of Minecraft had hinted that he would be removing his mask and revealing his face shortly, and now that the wheels are in motion, the reveal might happen at any time. Dream has been letting several creator friends see his face for the first time, and they have expressed their responses in anticipation of his public debut. The Minecraft celebrity has known several developers for nearly a decade, but he is just now coming out to them.

Only Dream’s roommate Sapnap and an infrequent Dream SMP co-player named Alyssa had seen the creator’s face before he started showing it to his buddies in the creator community. After being friends for over six years, GeorgeNotFound and Dream and Sapnap finally FaceTimed for the first time when GeorgeNotFound received his visa to go to America to live with them. The upcoming YouTube video will feature the first gathering of the Dream Team, and Karl Jacobs will be the first creative to see Dream’s face since he disclosed it to GeorgeNotFound.

In comparison to their other creator pals, Jacobs and Dream haven’t known each other for as long, yet they’ve become fast companions. Another artist, Quackity, who has become close to Dream in a short time, and is now among his closest friends, tweeted about a FaceTime conversation he had with the Minecraft celebrity on his account. Based on their Twitter exchange, Dream and Rainbow, another famous Minecraft designer who has only shown his face in profile, had a mutual look reveal.

Later, while live streaming, he elaborated on his first reaction, saying that it was “very, really bizarre to, like, see a face with the voice” and that he was practically in “shock.” Anthony Padilla, who had previously conducted a virtual interview with Dream for his “I spent a day with” series, finally met the man behind the mask. Padilla revealed the following exchange he had with the Minecraft celebrity, during which he exclaimed that it was “so fucking bizarre” to speak to Dream “face-to-face” after hearing his “floating voice” for so long.

Lazarbeam, a former player on the Dream SMP and competition participant, has called Dream a “beautiful man.” BadBoyHalo, the third hunter in Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series, is a Minecraft developer and one of Dream’s best friends. They’ve known each other for more than a decade. The two agreed that seeing Dream for the first time was a “surreal” experience.

Antfrost is well-known among Minecraft communities for his videos and for being the fourth hunter in Dream’s Minecraft Manhunt series. After being in touch for five to seven years, the two finally met each other in person. Sylvee, a popular variety streamer and content creator has known Dream for a while and has often made light of the fact that he resembles his profile picture. The fifth manhuntee in Dream’s popular Minecraft series, Awesamdude, is a Minecraft developer.

He had known Dream for a long time and was similarly “starstruck” at finally seeing the man behind the mask. Due to the date of the following tweet, it appears that Slimecicle also had Facetime contact from Dream; however, his response is somewhat cryptic and might easily be a joke in light of the reactions of other creators. Dream SMP member and inventor Philza reacted by saying he is “very proud” of Dream and excited to see “what the future holds” for the Minecraft celebrity.

A long time ago, Dream assured Minecraft inventor and general vlogger TommyInnit that he would meet him before he publicly unmasked himself. Now that Dream has delivered his promise, TommyInnit has posted his reaction to the video, saying that he will expose Dream’s face if it receives 300,000 likes. Nihachu, famous for her Minecraft, talking, and different gaming videos, got a chance to see Dream’s face and check out his new digs in the Dream Team mansion.

Members of the Dream SMP and variety streamers Punz and Foolish Gamers discussed their initial experience with FaceTiming Dream as a group. To our knowledge, they are the first and only partnership to simultaneously respond to Dream’s face reveal. Mark Rober, an engineer, inventor, and YouTuber, posted a movie of Dream showing his face to him and joked that viewers should try to improve the quality of the image in Dream’s eyes. During what Dream calls a “Tubbo moment,” the popular Minecraft content creator and founder of the server TubNet filmed his initial response to seeing Dream’s face but then deleted the entire recording.

Some of Tubbo’s friends and family members will make this joke when they see someone acting foolishly. James Marriott, a musician, YouTuber, and streamer, uploaded a short movie of his initial reaction to seeing Dream’s face. Addison Rae, a popular TikTok user and former co-star of Dream’s in the game Among Us, recently posted a clip of herself reacting to finally seeing his face. When Hannahxxrose, a Dream SMP member, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber known primarily for her Minecraft material and talents, finally got a good look at Dream’s face, she claimed it was “crazy” because Dream is true, “a real guy.” Like everyone else Dream has called, Hannahxxrose found disorienting the transition from voice and Minecraft skin to actual face.

Seapeekay, a popular YouTuber and streamer, has said that seeing Dream’s face before it is revealed publicly is an “honor.” Dream also mentioned how strange it feels to FaceTime with multiple people at once for the first time during this conversation. Minecraft content maker and streamer Velvet gave his thoughts. Dream has known Antfrost for a long time because Velvet has been dating his best buddy for quite some time. Regular MC Championship (MCC) contestant and Minecraft streamer Krtzyyy said to Dream, “that is not what I imagined you to look like,” echoing the sentiments of many other developers who had seen Dream for the first time.

Marques Brownlee, a famous YouTuber, and professional frisbee player, finally got to meet Dream and find out what he looked like without his Minecraft mask. Dream’s nonstop personalized FaceTime calls to several producers were “one of the most amazing social media initiatives” by Brownlee. ConnorEatsPants had a comedic skit set up for his FaceTime with Dream, but he was utterly taken aback by the sight of Dream’s face and couldn’t get into character. TinaKitten, a member of the various streaming collective 100 Thieves, and Dream have become fast friends despite the former’s relative lack of familiarity with the latter.

TinaKitten expressed her pride in Dream and her disbelief that he is “a genuine person” multiple times during their conversation. Fundy, a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber, was taken aback by Dream’s revelation and asked why he would do such a thing. Dream also revealed the Minecraft star’s face to Alex Benjamin, with whom he recorded the song “Change My Clothes” before the public. Wilbur Soot, a musician, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber, joked about whether or not the person he met was Dream. He also called it the “greatest day” because he got to glimpse Dream’s face for the first time.

After knowing him for at least eight years, BoomerNA finally meets Dream in person. During their first FaceTime call, Captain Puffy, a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber told Dream that she was “extremely proud of him.” Corpse Husband, another nameless creator, hinted during the most recent Livestream by Foolish Gamers that he, too, has seen Dream’s face for the first time. Given that Corpse’s Husband is notoriously reclusive as a creative individual and that he and Dream have worked together numerous times, it’s safe to assume this is the case.

Dream is a regular gaming partner of popular streamer Sykkuno, who has commented that Dream “looks great.” Sykkuno said why he skipped recording a reaction: he wanted to take the time to enjoy chatting with a friend. Hasan Piker’s Twitch broadcast featured the first and first Livestream reaction. During this conversation, Hasan used the word “unacceptable” to describe how attractive Dream is to him. Minecraft content creator CaptainSparklez joked that he was the one who exposed his true identity to Dream over a FaceTime conversation. Rapper and Sidemen member KSI uploaded a film of Dream, finally showing him his face.

When admirers joked for days that they wished they could hear Callahan’s reaction, the anonymous creator finally spoke up by posting a completely blank message. Callahan is the Dream Team’s best friend and a crucial member of the team’s development process. This tweet suggests that he has also seen Dream’s face for the first time. Bella Poarch, a singer, and TikTok star, joked to Dream that he should have kept the mask on after she saw his face.

MatPat, best known as the creator and narrator of the YouTube Game Theory series, urged Dream, “put the mask back on because there are too many good-looking gamers out there.” One fan compiled all of Dream’s personal FaceTime conversations and found it intriguing that they all reacted with shock upon seeing Dream’s face for the first time at roughly the exact moment.

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