Dorothy Wang Net Worth: Why Admirers Of Her Praise On Instagram?

The daughter of billionaire businessman Roger Wang, CEO of the Golden Eagle International Group, which specializes in clothes, vehicle repair, and real estate development, Dorothy Wang, 25, is worth $10 million. The so-called “funemployed” girl became well-known for uploading selfies to the #richkidsofinstagram hashtag. She resides in Beverly Hills, where she indulges in opulent costume parties, shopping, and real estate research with her father’s business.

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Dorothy Wang Net Worth

A reality television star and American socialite named Dorothy Wang has a $10 million fortune. In 2014–2016, Dorothy participated in the E! reality series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” which helped launch her to fame. Her father is Roger Wang, a multibillionaire who served as the former CEO of the clothes, real estate, and auto repair company Golden Eagle International Group.

Dorothy Wang Net Worth
Dorothy Wang Net Worth

Roger is the major stakeholder of Golden Eagle, a company that was established in 1995 and manages hundreds of department stores across mainland China. When Dorothy started sharing images of her opulent lifestyle on Instagram, she first gained widespread notice. She has shown interest in working for her father’s business in the future and is a qualified real estate broker.

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Admirers Of Dorothy Wang Praise Her On Instagram For Losing Weight?

Fans have flocked to Dorothy Wang’s Instagram comments to praise her weight reduction and hair change since she returned to our screens in Bling Empire New York. The celebrity often updates her 1 million fans on her life, and over the holiday season, the star released a number of pictures highlighting her new appearance, which featured a new dark brown hair color.

She recently has been discussed to be coming back on TV as you can see in the tweet below.

Fans have seen Dorothy in a variety of hair colors and clothing over the past nine years since she made her television debut in 2014 on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Fans rushed to compliment Dorothy on her weight reduction and hair color in a Thanksgiving photo she uploaded in her new home in New York. Dark hair and weight loss both look excellent on you, according to one fan.

Admirers Of Dorothy Wang Praise Her On Instagram For Losing Weight?
Admirers Of Dorothy Wang Praise Her On Instagram For Losing Weight?

One person wrote: “Love the darker hair on you! And you appear to have dropped weight,” Dorothy said, adding, “Thank you!” The ‘picture dump’ depicts the 34-year-old over the Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by friends and food. On the final slide, she even gives viewers a sneak glimpse into her BeReal.

The caption of Dorothy’s post expressed her gratitude: “It’s giving… joyful, healthy, bountiful, loving, warm, bright, fun and extremely appreciative! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, found their tribe, and always felt like they were in the right place at the right time. You may keep yourself up to date with all of the most recent news by visiting our website, Talkxbox.

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