Doctor Who: What type of Doctor will Ncuti Gatwa Be? Here’s some Reddit theories

Ncuti Gatwa was announced as the next incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, and his first companion has been affirmed as Yasmin Finney, and Russell T. Davies has been dropping clues about the 60th anniversary (including affirmed appearances from David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Bernard Cribbins) left, right and center.

Fans have taken to Reddit to excitedly speculate on the kind of Doctor that Gatwa will bring to the screen. Have a look.

The Funny Type

As demonstrated by his depiction of Eric Effiong in Netflix’s Sex Education, Gatwa knows how to land a joke and show comedic timing. Funniness is an element that has been used by writers and actors playing the Doctor in varying degrees over the years, and Gatwa is probably going to amp this up.

The Charismatic Type

Taking the helm on a character that has been a household name for quite a long time is an undeniably daunting feat. The regeneration scene is famously a moment for the new Doctor to showcase themselves, tease what is in store for the character, and to win over viewers who could in any case be clinging to the last incarnation.

The “Zero F***S Given” Type

It is not difficult to imagine Gatwa’s Doctor messing around and going off on vexcitable tangents one minute, then the next, snapping, snapping back at a dangerous alien with a classic Eric-esque quip or flying off the handle at someone for not washing their hands. These are attributes of the Doctor that Gatwa has already shown in past works.

The Well-Dressed Type

Subsiding into a new style is a significant part of the regeneration process for the Doctor. The look turns out to be as iconic as the character itself, just like with Tom Baker’s scarf, Christopher Eccelston’s leather jacket, and David Tennant’s trench coat.

The Mischievous Type

The Doctor is the sort of person (or, rather, alien) to create trouble simply because they are bored. This sort of mischievous energy has already been picked up on by fans who have been digging into Gatwa’s back catalog in light of the announcement.

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