Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date And How Can I Get The Updated Version?

The new life-sim adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley will launch in September 2022 for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and other platforms. Here is all the information you require about the forthcoming game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley transports you back in time as you reside in a fantastical setting populated by Disney and Pixar characters. Residents once enjoyed a happy existence there, but now the area has become a nightmare.

It’s now your responsibility to return the magic to the country to establish peace and harmony. Let’s jump into the game’s specifics without further ado, including its release date and a cast of characters. The First Few Hours Of Disney Dreamlight Valley Serve As A Tutorial, Introducing You To The Many Gameplay Components You’ll Use During Your Wonderful Journey.


What is Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a whole world of Disney and Pixar characters, not simply another movie spin-off. An adventure-filled living simulation in the vein of Animal Crossing.

When Disney Dreamlight Valley was first revealed, Manea Castet, a developer at Gameloft Montreal, said, “Our development team is a big family of Disney and Pixar fans and have poured all of our passion into the development of Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially in the way we depict characters and their story arcs.”

“We can’t wait for fans to join the Early Access this summer and help us bring this unique, constantly-evolving universe inspired by Disney and Pixar to our enthusiastic community,” the developers said. Remember When Atomic Heart Was Announced In May 2018? Neither Do We. It Was Surpassed By Games Like Donkey King Country And State Of Decay 2. But Atomic Heart Has Come A Lot Closer Than You Could Have Ever Thought When The Initial Declaration Was Made Four Years Ago.

How Do I Access The New Version Of Disney Dreamlight Valley?

The good news is that all the platforms on which Disney Dreamlight Valley will eventually be released will support early access. These are listed below:

  • PC/Mac
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Android/iOS

Right now, we know that early access to the build will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. To participate in it before it launches, you must get the Disney Dreamlight Valley Founder’s Pack if you don’t use Xbox.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date

You can already wishlist Disney Dreamlight Valley or visit the game’s page on the appropriate storefront for your console to sign up for early access. Visit the general sign-up page located here as well!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Storyline

Disney Dreamlight Valley is more of an interactive sandbox for you to explore than entirely story-driven. However, it has a plot, which we will describe.

Your customizable playable avatar drifts off to sleep and awakens in a Disney-themed dream. After that, you’ll enter Dreamlight Valley, a Disneyland that can be customized. From there, you’ll run into well-known characters like Buzz Lightyear and Ursula and collaborate with them to create your version of Dreamlight Valley.

However, one issue affects them all: the Forgetting, an ominous cloud hanging over the famous Disney castle. It’s up to you to get rid of it! The emphasis on creating your hamlet over finishing a meaningful tale looks similar to previous Gameloft games.

As a result, even if the arrangement served as your introduction to Disney Dreamlight Valley, gameplay would not be centered around it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gameplay

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the gameplay takes precedence over the available narrative. It’s a “life-simulation adventure game,” according to Gameloft, that “puts YOU in the center of a quest to find the cause of the Forgetting.” You’ll need to interact with many Disney-themed NPCs and complete their missions to accomplish that.

The player character can be seen running around the landscape, mining for materials, and erecting buildings and decorations in the town in early gameplay samples. As a result, we anticipate it to resemble a hybrid of your standard town-building game and a farming simulation like Stardew Valley.

Naturally, we’ll update this section as soon as we learn more about Disney Dreamlight Valley and have more concrete gameplay to refer to.

Our Disney Dreamlight Valley hub is now complete. Keep checking back since the game’s preview build should soon be available early. Please visit our Splatoon 3 site in the interim to view all the essential information on Nintendo’s upcoming painter-shooter.

Is The Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Trailer Available?

A reveal teaser for Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will debut in April 2022, has also been released. It offers a little taste of gameplay as well as an early look at some of the individuals you’ll meet along the journey. Examine it below:

Disney Dreamlight Valley Release Date

Disney Dreamlight Valley will begin offering early access on September 6, 2022, as was announced at the Nintendo Direct Mini in June 2022. You can play the game for the first time during this time, though it’s unclear how long it will stay.

The game will officially launch in 2023, once again during an incognito window, following the early access phase. Additionally, it’s unclear if players will formally be able to access the game from September 2022 until it exits early access or if early access will ever expire.

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