Destiny 2 Lightfall: Release Date, And Everything We Know

Bungie released a new teaser for their upcoming Destiny 2 expansion Lightfall at the end of Season of the Haunted. With Lightfall, the creator has been foreshadowing a significant shift to Destiny 2’s status quo. In the latest teaser, Bungie has revealed the expansion’s release date, the new Strand subclass, and gameplay that’s loaded with grappling hooks.

As the Destiny franchise nears the conclusion of the Light and Darkness story, Bungie sees this expansion as the last stand against Calus, who at the end of Season of the Haunted became the newest pupil of The Witness, as well as a “pivotal” event.

Nomura, a brand-new metropolis on Neptune with a tidy and retro-futuristic layout, is where Lightfall is set. Bungie stated that the fifth subtype, which was only fleetingly visible, is known as Strand and offers additional navigation options in Neomuna. A brand-new race known as Cloudstriders, who avoided The Collapse of the Solar System and hid from the Darkness, now calls the metropolis home.

The city is now under siege by Calus, the Shadow Legion, and enormous Pyramid Demons that can wield a scythe to attack from a distance and sap your life force after The Witness learned of the city.

Strand is intended to be a psychic ability that enables users to grab hold of cosmic webs and launch themselves across the map. Warlocks have the ability to launch strand missiles, Titans may use their claws in combat, and Hunters have the Super ability to weave a rope dart that can do fatal damage.

While Titan Tyrants charge into battle and separate enemies from the psychic Weave and life, Warlock Architects can utilize Strand to transform into telekinetic sorcerers and command sentient beings to do their bidding. As they spin Strand webs in the air, Hunter Threadrunners may travel between spots with agility and speed.

Other significant adjustments include a renewed emphasis on the communities in Destiny 2, as Bungie introduces gear load-outs and makes the game more user-friendly for novice players. This accessibility effort will be aided by Guardian Grades, a “knowledge ladder” where you may study 11 ranks of gameplay systems, and harder content will have better Looking For Game components.


Release Date

On February 28, 2023, Destiny 2: Lightfall will be made available for PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Destiny 2: Lightfall Campaign

The neon cyberpunk city of Neomuna on the planet Neptune is the setting for Destiny 2: Lightfall. Here, humans who survived the Collapse built a metropolis over many generations without the Last City’s knowledge. A second Collapse was looming, and the footage shown during the Destiny 2 Lightfall preview showed Guardians battling the new Dark Cabal army (known as the Shadow Legion) in the deserted city.

Players were taken to the Leviathan ship in Season of the Haunted to stop Calus from joining The Witness Disciples, but the Guardians were unsuccessful. In The Witch Queen expansion, Bungie included an elective difficulty, and Lightfall will also feature a Legendary campaign mode option for those seeking a demanding experience.

New Friends And Foes

Nomura, a Cloud Striders member, was shown as a mysterious person in the Lightfall video. In contrast to guardians, who were brought back to life by the Traveler whether they wanted to or not, the Cloud Striders are volunteers who are standing up to defend mankind.

These persons don’t resemble Suraya Hawthorne, a non-Guardian combatant who first appeared in the Red War tale. Instead, the Cloud Striders have cyber upgrades at the expense of a 10- year cyborg life span. According to Bungie, this new cast of heroes juxtaposes humanity’s struggle to preserve the Solar System with its use of both eternal and mortal powers. Players can recognize Osiris’ visage on the Lightfall website from Bungie. It suggests that Osiris awakens after falling asleep during Season of the Lost.

On Neomuna, players will battle the Shadow Legion of Disciple Calus. Darkness has merged with the Dark Cabal, giving them unprecedented powers. With Callus joining The Witness, a new adversary class known as the Tormentor was introduced. The Tormentors are a portion of Savathun’s Throne World’s Pyramid unit, which is themed to match the Pyramid ship. These enormous foes resemble mini-bosses. They have special talents and carry a huge scythe. The Vex also exists where there is neon. In the Lightfall post-show, Blackburn mentioned that there is a Vex danger, but he did not elaborate.

In-Game Features

New players are pouring into Destiny 2, according to Bungie, but the company wanted to add something to the game that would make it easier for players to go from New Light missions to the rest of the content. Guardian Levels, a knowledge ladder where players may advance via several ranks that direct them through the game, are being introduced by the developer.

While Bungie has been tight-lipped on the Lightfall expansion, we know a few details. First, the next DLC will continue the story of the Light and Dark, also known as the Light and Dark Saga.

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