Derry Girls Season 3: Erin’s Letter Arrives In The ‘Derry Girls’ Series Finale!

Derry Girls Season 3: Saoirse-Monica Jackson’s Erin Quinn, Louisa Clare Harland’s Orla McCool, Nicola Coughlan’s Bridgerton’s Clare Devlin, Dylan Llewellyn’s James Maguire, and Jamie-Lee O’Donnell’s Michelle Mallon lean thoughtfully against walls in the opening montage of Season 3 of “Derry Girls,” which also features shots of burning cars and soldiers carrying guns.

It’s the kind of montage you’d expect to see in a movie set in Ireland during the ’90s, and it turns out that’s precisely the kind of thing Erin, Orla, Clare, James, and Michelle want to be known for. They filmed it themselves with James’ camcorder. In a comically ponderous voiceover, Erin says, “They told us we were young, yet we grasped the enormity of it.

We realized the stakes involved. A new and even more dreadful fear took its place: hope. The saying goes, “Hope is the worst feeling in the world.” James McAvoy, Lin-Manuel Miranda to Return On-Screen for ‘His Dark Materials’ Series Finale (TV News Roundup) (TV News Roundup)
With this, the last seven episodes of Lisa McGee’s critically acclaimed Irish teen comedy get underway.

The two-time BAFTA-nominated series first premiered on U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 on January 4, 2018, then landed on Netflix on December 21, 2018. Season 3 of the show’s final run premiered on the streaming service on October 7.

Erin, a want-to-be author; Orla, her quirky cousin; Clare, who is always freaking out; Michelle, who is unabashedly confident; and James, Erin’s unassuming, well-intentioned relative; argue, fight, and get into situations that are as amusing as they are original.

They try to delay a test in the first season by telling their headmistress that they saw a tear roll down the Virgin Mary’s cheek statue. In the second season finale, they write a letter inviting Chelsea Clinton to the Lisnagelvin swimming pool before the then-First Family visited Derry.

Other notable cast members include Tara Lynne O’Neill and Tommy Tiernan as Erin’s parents Mary and Gerry, Kathy Kiera Clarke as Orla’s mother, Sarah, Ian McElhinney as both Orla and Erin’s grandfather, Joe, and the unforgettable Siobhán McSweeney as Sister George Michael, the headmistress nun at Our Lady Immaculate College, the Catholic school that the Derry Girls attend.

The appeal of “Derry Girls” has always been its ability to capture the worries of average teenage girls, who are more concerned with things like making friends with Protestant boys at a Catholic-Protestant camp meant to “build bridges” across religious divides than they are with the Troubles, the conflict in Northern Ireland between loyalists, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, and the republicans, who wanted the region to be united with Ireland.

Season 3 opens with the girls facing one of their biggest fears: the status of their GCSE exams. After learning from Sister George Michael that their grades have already been recorded, the Derry girls resolve to break into Our Lady Immaculate College the day before receiving them.

Once they’ve gotten inside the school, however, they come across two men who manage to convince them to assist them in loading the school’s computer equipment into their vehicle. After the two men have left, Clare, the group’s resident genius and the most prone to stress-induced outbursts, realize that they have just assisted two burglars in stealing from their school.

The police arrive and arrest the Derry Girls; Liam Neeson’s character, Chief Constable Byers, questions them. Their predicament appears terrible until an unusual hero saves the day. When requested to call an adult relative to join them at the station, the Derry Girls phone Erin and Orla’s great-uncle Colm, who is notorious for being a constant talker.

Colm frustrates the officer by droning on and on about unnecessary issues, stalling the interrogation. The girls are released when the police officers get security photographs of the actual burglars with the computer. Even as the Derry Girls embark on wild adventures, McGee uses the final season to extend the show’s world, adding depth and nuance to the show’s side characters.

In the second episode, a hot plumber throws a figurative wrench in Erin’s parents’ marriage; Episode 5 focuses almost exclusively on Erin’s and Orla’s mothers, who attend their high school reunion intent on confronting an old friend with a long-buried secret stemming from their 1977 leavers’ disco (apparently a term synonymous with “graduation party”).

After James has a near-death experience in Season 3, he and Erin share a kiss in a haunted house. Later that night, after the Derry Girls are ejected from a Fatboy Slim concert on Halloween night, Clare kisses the record store employee Laurie. Notable ancillary figures make cameo appearances, such as Art Campion’s sleazy Father Peter.

The last episode assumes a more somber tone after the shocking death of Clare’s father at the end of Season 6. In addition to handling loss, the series finale also gives more of a platform to the political strife that, while prominent, has, until Season 3, functioned mainly as a background character. Erin and Orla, born three months apart, have to throw a combined 18th birthday celebration that tops their archenemy Jenny Joyce’s.

Erin wants the party theme to be “literary greats;” Orla’s preference, “monkeys,” is more in line with her sensibilities, but she’s ready to settle with “gorillas,” she says. Erin struggles to figure out where she stands as an individual and citizen as the referendum to approve or reject the Good Friday Agreement looms.

This agreement was primarily responsible for brokering peace between Britain and Ireland over the government of Northern Ireland. The referendum’s results freed paramilitary prisoners and allowed residents of Northern Ireland to choose between British and Irish citizenship or to hold both. However, Erin and Michelle’s friendship is strained because of the forthcoming vote.

Erin wants peace, but she is hesitant to vote yes because she is concerned about releasing convicts; Michelle is looking forward to releasing her brother, who was incarcerated for murder during the Troubles. After a night of mishaps, the two make up in a moment of insight that reflects their understanding of the complexities of their environment.

In the end, Clare rescues Erin and Orla’s party by stealing the band The Commitment from Jenny Joyce’s celebration. The band is modeled on the one in the 1991 film The Commitments. During a spectacular cameo by Bronagh Gallagher as the lead singer of The Commitment, Erin turns to her grandfather for voting advice. At the same time, Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” is sung in the background.

What if we vote yes and it doesn’t even work?” she asks him. And what if it does?” he enquires. What if one day you tell your wains a ghost story about this whole ordeal? Scenes from the last minutes of “Derry Girls” show the main cast of characters entering the polling station and voting “Yes” on the referendum. Interestingly enough, the main characters are noticeably absent from the closing scene of the series, which is set in the current day and continues a plot thread from Season 2.

The mailman makes his way down a New York City residential street and rings the doorbell of a brownstone. He tells the woman who answers the door that his package got misplaced in the ’90s but has finally found its way to her. When he hands Chelsea Clinton a note, she reads it aloud, and the camera reveals that it’s actually from him.

Erin, Orla, Clare, Michelle, and James from Derry are here. We hear your parents are taking you here for a visit shortly, and if they’re anything like ours, you’ll be bored to tears. It’s a satisfying ending to a story that keeps surprising its audience with emotion and humor until the end.

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