How to Watch Deadly Yoga Retreat Without Cable?

Isabella turns murderous after looking for refuge. The premiere of the new Lifetime movie Deadly Yoga Retreat will take place tonight at 8/7c. Both Philo and DIRECTV Streaming Anywhere are available at no additional cost.

Isabella decides to participate in a yoga retreat that will be led by the yogi and author Remy Marrow. To help mend the rift in their marriage, her husband insisted that she go to Hawaii. Almost quickly, Isabella comes to the conclusion that the purpose of the gathering is not to practise calming activities such as deep breathing and yoga (or its instructor). At the same time that a psychopath is preying on the guests of the retreat, this woman is fighting for her life.

How to watch Deadly Yoga Retreat without cable?

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Deadly Yoga Retreat Cast

A two-faced yoga teacher known as Remy Morrow (Jonathan Bennett) is played by Bennett in the film. “Mean Girls,” “Cheaper by the Dozen 2,” “Veronica Mars,” and “Casey Gant in Veronica Mars” are just few of the roles he has had the pleasure of portraying.

The film also features Danielle C. Ryan, who portrays Isabella, a married lady on a quest to discover herself at the retreat. With early roles in “Little Stars” and “The Cat in the Hat,” she made her professional acting debut. In addition, the cast of ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’ includes other key players. Ashlyn Ani, Ashley Brinkman, Vene Chun, Danielle Delaunay, Eric Gilliom, and Patty Lee all star as Everly, Nina, and Patrick Miller, respectively (Erica).

Is Lifetime’s Deadly Yoga Retreat Based on a True Story?

NO, lifetime’s Deadly Yoga Retreat isn’t based on a true story. Robert Black and Brian Herzlinger, who have a lot of expertise creating screenplays, are responsible for the film’s interesting narrative. In this way, the two authors collaborated to create a story that was both distinctive and believable for the Lifetime thriller.

When Remy Morrow, a well-known yoga guru, finds the appropriate moment to kill his own visitors, the attractive and professional veneer he has put on is shattered. Isabella, on the other hand, must do everything she can to escape from his grasp after she discovers his horrible secret. One of the best instances of this is Hannibal in ‘Hannibal,’ a figure with many of these traits.’

Hannibal is a forensic psychiatrist like Remy, who is also well-known in his line of expertise. Hannibal, on the other hand, has a tendency to kill his own professional clientele while maintaining a good reputation with the rest of the world. This is not the first time that we, as viewers, have watched professionals who are deceitful and murder their own clients. The fact that ‘Deadly Yoga Retreat’ is not based on real occurrences remains true, though.

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