D-Nice Net Worth 2022: What Is His Source Of Income?

D-Nice Net Worth: Derrick Jones is well-known by his stage name D-Nice is a popular figure in the music industry and has become more well-known for his musical performances. He is an American radio jockey, rapper, beatboxer, photographer, and producer. In the 1980s, he began his career with the Boogie Down Productions crew. In 1988, he also started his own band named Kid Rock, which led to him signing a deal to work with Jive Records. He has a lengthy history of collaboration with this record company.

When he created the song “Self-Destruction” for the Stop the Violence Movement, D-Nice had tremendous success. When he agreed to a deal with Jive Records and issued his album, “Call Me D-Nice,” in 1990, he received a significant professional change. This album was a huge success and peaked at position 75 on the Billboard Top Pop Albums list and 12 on the Billboard Top Black Albums chart.

His popularity has increased because of this record. He also enjoys photography, and he began taking pictures in the year 2000. Carl Thomas and So Much Better is the name of the CD he also recorded. He has a lengthy history in this field and is well-known for his outstanding work. In the next paragraph, D-Nice Net Worth has been revealed.


D-Nice Net Worth

The most well-known DJ in America, D-Nice, is thought to be worth roughly $2 million. In a variety of areas in the entertainment business, D-Nice has had success. In the year 1990, he published his self-titled first album, which has since gained popularity.

Additionally, it made Billboard’s Top Pop Albums, which helped him become well-known in the music industry. Additionally, this record has given him a number of beneficial job chances. He also completed a significant effort in the realm of photography that he began in 2000.

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D- Nice Early Life

D-Nice was born in New York City, United States, on June 19, 1970. Growing up in Manhattan’s Harlem, he then relocated to The Bronx throughout his adolescence. D-Nice has always had a passion for music. Along with Scott La Rock, he also founded his own group, Boogie Down Productions. Additionally, he began working in this field with a number of well-known musicians and has produced a number of CDs.

His debut record, which became a big smash, helped him achieve recognition in the industry. At the beginning of his career, D-Nice began rapping and beatboxing. When he created “Self-Destruction” for the Stop the Violence Movement, he shot to fame in the music business. He has chosen hip-hop genres. He has taken action on his social media channels.

D- Nice Career Life

D-Nice At the age of 15, he and Scott La Rock founded the organisation known as Boogie Down Productions, which was the beginning of his professional career. He later rose to fame in the sector after creating “Self-Destruction” for the Stop the Violence Movement. When he agreed to a deal with the record company Jive Records, his career saw one of its biggest turns.

D-Nice Net Worth

His debut album, “Call Me D-Nice,” was published in the year 1990, and it quickly rose to great popularity. Additionally, it made it to the Billboard Top Black Albums list and the 75th spot on the Billboard Top Pop Albums chart.
In 1991, following the popularity of his debut album, he released his second album, titled “To the Rescue.” Along with the Top R&B Albums list, this single has also made it to the Top Pop Albums chart.

In the year 2000, he also began to practice photography. He took the photo for the album’s cover, which is titled So Much Better and W.A.R. (We Are Renegades). His career as a musician has advanced significantly, and he has established himself in a variety of genres, including beatboxing, producing, rapping, and photography.

D-Nice Private Life

D-personal Nice’s life appears to be complicated in every aspect. Ashli Lyric Jones, his then-daughter, girlfriend’s was born in 1996. After that, Dylan Coleman-Jones, his second child with his ex-girlfriend Kelli M. Coleman, was born. For GlobalHue, Coleman serves as executive vice president. The couple’s romance didn’t last till the nuptials.

Later, in 2008, D-Nice wed Malinda Williams, an actress. The pair loved their lives together as husband and wife for two years. They were unable to stop their marriage from disintegrating, though. The couple separated in June 2010. He was single for a while, but as of right now, D-Nice hasn’t revealed any information about the girls he may be dating. He enjoys spending time with his kids in his free time.

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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is D-age?

Nice’s D-Nice is 52 years old at the moment (19 June 1970).

Who is D-Nice’s Nice’s wife’s

Malinda Williams is D-spouse. Nice’s (m. 2008–2010)

What Does D-Nice Get Paid?

D-Nice makes an estimated $1,000,000 annually.


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