CNN’s Jake Tapper taped show after positive COVID test: report

CNN host Jake Tapper anchored his afternoon show recently not long after testing positive for the Covid, a move that reportedly angered his staff.

The 53-year-old TV anchor had tested positive for COVID-19 at CNN’s Washington, D.C.,bureau on May 9, not long prior to taping his 4 p.m. show “The Lead,” which, as indicated by The Daily Beast’s media newsletter Confider, left staffers fuming.

“This happened in the same week that the country was mourning the millionth death due to COVID, which Jake covered on his show,” one staffer told the outlet.

The organization claims Tapper followed company protocol, despite the fact that he frustrated a few staff members by proceeding to work at the CNN bureau after testing positive for the virus.

“Testing is voluntary to enter our offices,” a CNN spokesperson told Confider. “It is mandatory to enter the studios. He tested shortly before his show. When he was notified of the positive result, he asked CNN execs what to do and then followed it to the letter—he double-masked and isolated, did the show solo in a flash studio (single-person enclosed room) and went home immediately after.”

“Everyone on The Lead team was notified during their pre-show call that day,” the spokesperson continued. “Jake had only been in direct contact with a few others, who were also notified.”

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