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Chris Russo Net Worth: How Much Money Does Chris Make?

Chris Russo Net Worth

Chris Russo Net Worth

Chris Russo Net Worth: American sports radio broadcaster Christopher Michael Russo was born on October 18, 1959, and is most known for his time as a co-host of the Mike and Chris show with Mike Francesa on New York City’s WFAN and the YES Network.

As of August 2008, Russo has been broadcasting on Sirius XM Radio on his own channel, [russo Sports Radio]. In the afternoons, you can catch him on the radio as he hosts Russo radio on Mad Dog Sports Radio on SiriusXM Channel 82.

Since joining MLB Network on March 31, 2014, Russo has hosted his own show, High Heat, and in 2021, he will be a co-host alongside Alanna Rizzo. He’s a regular on ESPN’s First Take as well. In 2022 on November 1st, Russo was admitted into the Radio Hall of Fame.

Chris Russo Net Worth

Chris Russo Early Life

Chris Michael Russo’s birthday is October 18th, therefore he turned 60 today. Educated at Darrow School in New Lebanon, New York, and Rollins College near Orlando, Florida, where he earned a degree in history, he was the only child of Anthony Michael “Tony” Russo (of Flushing, Queens) and Vera “Molly” (of England).

In addition to his time at the University of Sydney, he studied Australian history and literature at Cranleigh School, located south of London, England. Chris spent three years at an Orlando radio station and another three years at a New York City radio station before joining WFAN.

His strong accent and rapid speech apparently made him difficult to understand in Florida. Beginning his career at WFAN in 1988, he initially served as a weekend and overnight host. Don Imus, a legend in the world of radio, caught wind of Chris and hired him on the spot to be his sports reporter. Imus was instrumental in Chris landing a Saturday morning slot on WFAN to host his own show. you may also read Diana Krall’s Net Worth

Chris Russo Career

Due to WFAN’s decision not to renew weekday drive time presenter Pete Franklin‘s contract, “Mike and the Mad Dog” premiered on September 5, 1989, with Chris and Mike Francesa. Once Chris decided he wanted to change course in 2009, the “Mike and the Mad Dog” show ended.

It was said that Mike and Chris did not get along at all, but Chris dispelled that notion, claiming their differences stemmed from a desire for change. In addition, Russo performed with Francesca at Yankee Stadium in a reunion concert on October 16, 2009.

Radio City Music Hall had its second “Mike and the Mad Dog” performance on March 30, 2016. On August 19, 2008, Chris Russo inked a five-year deal with Sirius XM to host a show called “Mad Dog Unleashed” on the network’s new sports talk radio channel, appropriately titled “Mad Dog Radio.”

There was talk that the 15-year contract was worth $3 million annually. In 2013, he would sign another contract for the same length of time. Beginning on March 31, 2014, as part of his new contract with Sirius XM, Chris Russo hosted the daily episode of “High Heat” on the MLB Network.

A new three-year deal with Russo was signed in September 2016, and it was renewed for an additional four years in April 2019. Chris, the host of the show, said in February 2021 that Bruce Schein, the show’s producer and a regular on-air guest, had been fired from MLB Network.

Chris Russo Personal Life

Chris is the author of “The Mad Dog 100: The Greatest Sports Arguments of All Time” and “The Mad Dog Hall of Fame: The Ultimate Top-Ten Rankings of the Best in Sports,” in addition to his work in radio. On May 6, 1995, Chris Russo wed Jeanne Lavelle.

Chris Russo Net Worth

Timmy, Kiera, Colin, and Patrick are their four children. In December 2020, his son Colin began co-hosting a sports radio show on WFAN alongside Sonny Carton, Craig Carton’s son. New Canaan, Connecticut is where Chris Russo calls home.

Chris Russo Net Worth

An estimated $22 million dollars are attributable to American sports radio host Chris Russo. Chris Russo, or “Mad Dog,” used to co-host Mike Francesa’s sports radio show on New York’s WFAN with Francesa.

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