Charlie Puth Gay: How Really Started The Charlie Puth Gay Rumor?

Charlie Puth Gay: Charlie’s been said to be dating some of Hollywood’s most stunning ladies, plus there’s also that whole Shawn Mendes thing. Some admirers still believe Charlie Puth is gay despite his rumored girlfriend history. Rumors flew when he was said to have sent and received naked images with fellow singer Shawn Mendes. Yet the question remains, where did these rumors begin?

Charlie Puth Gay Speculation

The American artist, who has been popular ever since he started posting songs on YouTube, recently made headlines after he compared himself favorably to Shawn Mendes during an interview. Charlie revealed that he and Shawn had once toured together and reached their physiques by sending each other images of themselves via phone.

He asserted that expansion was currently underway. The “s*xting” accusation originated there. During his interview with Shawn, the host joked about the photo swap. Shawn Mendes shot back against Charlie’s remark, saying he and his fellow singer don’t share shirtless selfies.

After hearing that one of the 104.3 MYfm announcers commented, “When Charlie Puth was in here, he informed us that you guys send each other selfies comparing your bodies,” Shawn asked, “Why does Charlie do this?” The radio host said, “They were on the road together…now they’re not on the road together.” “Are you still sexing each other?” Following that, Shawn stated, “This is not a thing.

A picture of Charlie was provided to me once. Not only did I not respond to the accompanying photo, but I also never even saw it. For some reason, he seems to like boasting about this. As if he should be telling folks such nonsense. The host interrupted, saying, “He stated you guys compete. It’s good that you’re trying to get in shape and all. Take A Look At Other Trending Articles  Madonna Fans Believe She Has Just Come Out As Gay

So he whipped out some images of his pumped-up self and added, “Right now, I’m sending this one to Shawn Mendes.” He probably didn’t think much of me. The Canadian singer responded simply because I did not send any.

While this may have contributed to the spread of LGBT rumors about Charlie, it hasn’t harmed their solid bromance. Listeners were so eager for a duet from the two that they were willing to wait. It’s feasible, but the longer their fans wait, the more worried they’ll grow.

Charlie Puth Is An Advocate For Gay Rights

The famed artist claims he isn’t gay but supports equal rights for all. He tweeted in May of 2020, “Gay Rights!” Fans often describe him as “a supportive, compassionate soul.” Please use your platform to bring us together rather than drive a wedge between us.

That’s why we’re stans, by the way. Aside from being an outspoken advocate for homosexual rights and a talented musician, the 29-year-old celebrity also enjoys partaking in viral video trends by having fun on TikTok. A dog bite as a kid left him with a scar that he described in one of his posts as a slit in his eyebrow.

Affairs And Relationships In Charlie Puth’s Life

Fans weren’t just impressed by Charlie’s pop hit; his girlfriend and boyfriend also smote them. He’s been linked to various famous women, from Charlotte Lawrence to Selena Gomez. After he and Charlotte were spotted together at several New York Fashion Week presentations in February last year, rumors began circulating online about their possible romantic involvement.

Unfortunately, their relationship did not have a happy ending. During 2018, Charlie was observed developing a close relationship with Halston Sage. The two were inseparable for a brief period before eventually breaking up. Fans assumed they were dating based on their cute PDA on Instagram, even though the couple never addressed the rumors.

Fans have always speculated that Charlie and Selena Gomez might have more than a platonic relationship. It’s worth noting that the pair worked together on the smash single “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” Despite the stunning woman’s insistence that they were only friends, Charlie said their fleeting romance profoundly affected him.

He broke his silence and said, “It’s about a specific time in my life when someone very close to me craved the attention of somebody else.” I may have done some questionable things myself before I found out and we broke up, and she may have said, “How long has this been going on?” I’m not one to spill the beans, but that song can’t possibly be authentic unless there’s some other drama.

That’s precisely what had transpired [with Selena]. Extremely brief, diminutive, but influential. Moreover, it messed me up badly. His relationship with Bella Thorne was another one of his tumultuous ones. Their romance was out in the open, from beach days to their red carpet walk at Jingle Ball. The truth is that Bella didn’t think she was dating him.

The actress explained their breakup in an interview: “Basically, Ty and I stopped dating, and Charlie had been tweeting about me for a long. There was an attempt on his part to make contact with me. Twice before, I had spent time with him. We checked out a movie. To put it simply, he rocked… I initially thought it was a fun adventure, but soon everything became ridiculous.

In telling Charlie about her breakup with Tyler Posey, Bella revealed that Charlie had accused her of cheating on him. The actress and her former partner had broken up when she started dating the musician. Bella added, “Charlie read a news piece about Ty and me, but he didn’t check the date, and the date is old.

While reading it, Charlie missed the date and thought it was about whether or not Ty and I were still dating. He never bothered to tell me via text or phone. Charlie Puth had several female partners throughout his life. His high-profile relationships have been with women, suggesting he is not gay. In his defense, one of his fans tweeted: “I swear Charlie Puth gay trends every day. Amusing its cuz, he’s not.”

Is Charlie Puth Gay?

The Left and Right singer has been linked to several high-profile Hollywood actresses, including Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Charlotte Lawrence, Meghan Trainor, and Lea Michele. Charlie has dated many beautiful ladies in his life, including singers, models, and actors. Therefore we can safely assume that he is not gay. His sexual orientation is ultimately determined to be straight rather than gay.

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