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Cast Of Big Shot Season 2: A basketball coach who has thrown chairs at officials doesn’t sound like the kind of person you’d want to hang out with, let alone hire to lead the team at a prestigious girls’ high school. But as the events of Big Shot unfold on Disney+, you might grow to appreciate him—and not only because John Stamos portrays him.

Big Shot, a combination of the Mighty Ducks and League of Their Own that also serves as a redemption story, maybe most surprising for how much it is not a comedy yet contains humorous aspects. David E. Kelley collaborated on the show’s creation. Kelley brought you Ally McBeal, Doogie Howser, The Practice, Big Little Lies, and a slew of other television classics.

Both Sesame Street and Breaking Bad have been discredited. Stamos, who plays Coach Marvyn Korn, acknowledged as much in a June interview. This show makes up for its lack of edge by being extremely sentimental. Despite its sincere nature, I don’t find the show to be overly saccharine or sentimental.

Despite this, Korn was not a cuddly character in the first season of Big Shot. After being let go from a prominent NCAA position, he takes over as head coach at Westbrook School for Girls, where he gets off to a rough start with his new team by telling one of his players she needs to lose five pounds. What did she say in reaction to that? To paraphrase, “everyone said you were a lunatic.

As it turns out, they were completely incorrect. To put it bluntly, you’re a bully. Thankfully, Korn begins to pull himself together, transitioning from taskmaster to mentor as he forges stronger relationships with his players. His teenage daughter moves home with him (and attends Westbrook!) after her mother (Korn’s ex-wife) takes a job in Italy, and he learns to be a better father.

After some time, Coach Korn “begins to mature into the man he has secretly always longed to be and the father he never had,” as Disney puts it. Big Shot was well-received by both fans and critics alike, with one calling it “one of the best original Disney+ shows of 2021.” This could be because the show’s focus is not solely on Korn but also the young women he mentors.

All aspects of their lives, on and off the court, are covered in the show. Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays the dean of students, adds that the film encourages young women to speak up for themselves and pursue their goals without fear of repercussion.

The fact that the young ladies on the Westbrook Sirens had to learn to play may also have contributed to the show’s success, as shows centered on young female sports are still relatively rare. Nothing about it was made up. Actress Nell Verlaque admitted in April 2021, “There were things that I wish were phony, but they were entirely true.”

Disney confirmed the second season of Big Shot on September 2, 2021. This makes Stamos very happy. According to an Instagram post by Stamos, in which he thanked both fans and critics, “Big Shot is about guts and heart,” Disney+ has shown its support for the show by ordering a second season.

After the credits rolled, he said, “I’m so grateful to continue playing Coach Korn, a man who learns to let go of preconceived judgments and learns from a beautiful group of women, helping him expand and grow. But he still has a lot to learn, and in Season 2, he will finally have the opportunity to do so.

Cast Of Big Shot Season 2
Cast Of Big Shot Season 2


Is Big Shot Cancelled?

Nope! Season 1 concluded in June, and fans have been waiting anxiously to see what happens to Korn and his team. However, when no renewal word came out for weeks, some worried that the show had been canceled.

Stamos held out hope, though. It’s premature, but I have a good feeling about returning, stated Stamos. Fortunately, Disney finally answered the question of whether or not they would be reviving the show in September 2021, and the answer was yes!

What Is The Release Date For Season 2 Of Big Shot?

On October 12, 2022, Big Shot returns for its second season.

What Happened In Big Shot Season 1?

After losing his job as an NCAA coach for throwing a chair at a referee, the brusque, abrasive, and hotheaded Coach Marvyn Korn accepts a position at Westbrook, an exclusive private high school for girls. His uncompromising approach doesn’t endear him to the team’s players. When Korn’s wife gets a job in Italy, he must take in his daughter Emma full-time.

Korn gradually develops the ability to relax his guard and have more positive interpersonal interactions. When the Westbrook Sirens start doing well on the floor, teams like UC Santa Barbara take note (UCSB). The Sirens are preparing for a big game against the Carlsbad Cobras, and the school offers him a coaching post at this crucial time.

After the Siren playbook disappears and Carlsbad is the prime suspect, Coach Korn is forced to develop new strategies, such as the “Sacrifice Play,” a risky but potentially game-changing maneuver. Korn turns down the UCSB job offer in favor of remaining at Westbrook. Before the big game, he tells them, “I set out to design a new playbook for the team, which I did, but I ended up writing a new one for me.”

Coach Korn suggests playing without fans as tensions rise due to various shenanigans designed to put the Sirens off their game (including a swarm of bees that enters the gym!). Using the Sacrifice Play, Mouse sinks the game-winning shot in the final seconds.

Who Is In The Big Shot Cast?

Stamos, who is still well-known to fans as “Uncle Jessie” from the Full House series, was surprised to be cast in the role of Coach Korn. He had assumed he’d be released in a more severe part, like a lawyer, on the “new” David E. Kelley program if he was cast. I’ve never been one for sports. He later told 2021’s Collider, “I’ve never been into sports or watched sports.”

The fact that Stamos was hired is a relief to Kelley, and she is relieved he was able to pull it off. The show’s writer/producer noted, “John Stamos’ talent, in particular, as Coach Marvyn Korn, has touched so many hearts.” Naturally, Stamos will be back for Big Shot Season 2, and it appears that the following players from the first season will also be returning:

  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Assistant Coach Holly Barrett
  • Richard Robichaux as George Pappas
  • Yvette Nicole Brown as Sherilyn Thomas
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss as Emma Korn
  • Nell Verlaque as Louise Gruzinsky
  • Tiana Le as Destiny Winters
  • Tisha Eve Custodio as Carolyn “Mouse” Smith
  • Cricket Wampler as Samantha “Giggles” Finkman
  • Monique Green as Olive Cooper

Are There Any Big Shot Season 2 Spoilers?

While there has been no official Big Shot season 2 spoilers revealed yet, fans have many ideas about what will happen. (More first-season spoilers ahead!) Since Westbrook finished year one as Division II champions by defeating Carlsbad, the squad will continue to compete. Aside from the increased game difficulty, the arrival of new teams and players will surely shake up the NBA.

What are the chances of them remaining a Division II school? Season 1’s closing episode also foreshadowed the eventual promotion of Assistant Coach Holly to the position of Head Coach at Carlsbad, the team that the Westbrook Sirens ultimately defeated. A rematch with Westbrook is possible, raising the stakes for both players.

Where Is Big Shot Filmed?

Big Shot was filmed on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, California, even though it appears that the Westbrook Sirens are playing at a genuine high school. The set experienced many shutdowns due to COVID-19-positive tests. Stamos said in January, “My son went to bed last night crying and woke up crying because he can’t be with his father.”

Having a job is a great blessing for me right now. Because this is my third time infected, I must spend ten days in isolation again. Stamos also tweeted an appeal for people to take the pandemic seriously. I feel like my job is keeping us secure, he tweeted. But please be law-abiding; what you do has repercussions far beyond yourself. Thanks.”

Is There A Big Shot Season 2 Trailer?

That’s for sure! Now that Westbrook is a Division II school, we’re getting a lot of hints about Coach Korn’s development and the Sirens’ new standard in the lead-up to the premiere of season 2. What you do in this gym and beyond has repercussions for everyone here. Korn (Stamos) tells the crew in the season 2 trailer, “Where we’re going is everything but usual.”

How Many Episodes Does Big Shot Have?

There were ten episodes in the first season of Big Shot, the longest one clocking in at 54 minutes. There will be ten episodes in Season 2, but we don’t know how long each one will be.

Where Can You Watch Big Shot Season 2?

On October 12, Disney+ will be the only place to watch all ten episodes of Season 2 of Big Shot. Currently, Season 1 is entirely available for streaming.

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