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California Mass Shooting 2023: Are The Names Of The Deceased From Monterey Park Made Public?

California Mass Shooting 2023

California Mass Shooting 2023

After two mass shootings in as many days left 18 dead and 10 injured, residents of two different communities in California are in shock. The gunshots that occurred in Half Moon Bay on Monday resulted in the deaths of five males, two women, and one other man. Just days after a shooter opened fire at a dance studio in Monterey Park on Saturday, the attack left inhabitants of the community in Northern California in mourning.

The Southern California city saw 11 fatalities and 9 injuries as a result of that incident. The two horrific shootings, which occurred hundreds of miles apart, are alarmingly similar. Both suspected shooters were older than 60-year-old males of Asian heritage. Police reported that farmworkers of both Asian and Hispanic descent were killed in the Half Moon Bay shootings. The majority of the victims of the attack in Monterey Park appear to be Asian.

This year, there have been more than 30 mass shootings in the United States.

Tuesday afternoon’s news conference in Half Moon Bay was about to begin when word of a shooting in Yakima, Washington, began to break. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, declared during the press conference that “Only in America do we see this type of violence.”

When he was brought aside to receive information on the second event in Half Moon Bay, he claimed previously that he had been with victims of the Monterey Park attack. Newsom urged political leaders to take action against gun violence and blasted Republicans in particular for not doing enough. Sheriff Christina Corpus of San Mateo County stated that better victim care and mental health treatments are required. She continued by saying she would back leaders’ initiatives to stop the “epidemic” of gun violence.

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On Wednesday, The Half Moon Bay Shooter Will Appear In Court

According to officials in a news briefing on Tuesday, Half Moon Bay is a close-knit community well-known for its ranching, farming, and fishing. With Monday’s tragedy, that sense of safety and connection was destroyed. The fatal gunshots at Half Moon Bay were reported by authorities as possibly being a “workplace incident.” According to KQED, seven people were shot at two different mushroom farms: Concord Farms and Mountain Mushroom Farm, where the alleged shooter worked.

On Wednesday, The Half Moon Bay Shooter Will Appear In Court

According to authorities, the initial shooting happened at 2:22 PT. Just a few hours later, Chunli Zhao, the alleged gunman, was taken into custody at a sheriff’s station. According to reports, the 67-year-old parked his automobile at the police station. He was taken into custody in the parking lot under threat of force after a deputy recognized his car from a description given earlier. Zhao’s car had a semi-automatic weapon that had been legally purchased, according to the police. As of Tuesday, the motivation for the shootings remained a mystery, according to the officials. On Zhao, not much is known.

Are The Names Of The Deceased From Monterey Park Made Public?

Investigators revealed the full identities of the six men and five women who were killed as police continued to look for new information about the alleged shooter. Information about each of these people is beginning to surface as friends and family share the devastating news of their losses. The family of Mymy Nhan sent a statement on Twitter that read: “The Lunar New Year is off to a rocky start for us. We had no idea that her life would end so quickly.” 

Are The Names Of The Deceased From Monterey Park Made Public?

“She frequented the dance studio in Monterey Park on the weekends for a very long time. She enjoyed doing it. Saturday, however, was sadly her last dance.” In the horrific massacre at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio, Tiffany Liou, whose husband appeared to be linked to Nhan, said that she “was the first person shot and murdered.”

The family’s description of her on a GoFundMe fundraising website was “beyond words kind She took good care of everyone in her vicinity. A devoted aunt, sister, daughter, and friend, she was also. She served as our staunchest supporter.” Browse the most recent news stories on Talkxbox to keep up with the times.

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