Britney Spears thanks fans for support following miscarriage, talks about her upcoming book

Britney Spears thanked her fans for the support in the wake of announcing she suffered a miscarriage. . – – and throughout the course of recent months since her 13-year conservatorship was terminated. Spears took to Instagram Thursday to share a lengthy update, in which she talked about her miscarriage, her conservatorship and her upcoming book.

“I’ve never been more happy in my life … in the past several months since it’s been over besides my miscarriage!!!” Spears said how she feels since the conservatorship was terminated in November.

While her miscarriage — which she announced just last week — was a low point for Spears, she said her “spirit feels lighter.”

Adding, “My spirit feels lighter and I genuinely laugh and smile now and my eyes are hungry for more each day.”

“I feel like I would entertain the people who hurt me … I do believe they would secretly like the embarrassment I would go through bringing it up 100 percent … They will no longer get the best of me and humiliate me.”

She is, in any case, documenting it all in a book, telling fans she’s made a point to capture her experience “through a book.”

“Nobody should have to go through what I went through … I’ve made a point to capture my experience through a book … I am writing,” she shared. “It’s all written on pages that people will hold with their own two hands … and hopefully have a better understanding.”

“Trust me I KNOW if you’re going through something and you feel so distant from everything … it’s hard to confront your mind and say … ‘oh you’re not alone’ … it’s easier said than done, but I need to share through it all … my subconscious knew it was gonna be ok … the spirit within me that told me to keep moving forward was all I had … it’s what I hung onto.”

“Their hearts knew and there’s not a single day that goes by that I’m not aware of that and I’m so grateful to have my fans,” Spears concluded.

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