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A 2005 adventure video game called Bratz: Rock Angelz is based on the Bratz fashion doll line. It was created by Blitz Games, while THQ handled the publishing. It is based on the toy line with the same name and the direct-to-video movie Bratz: Rock Angelz. The game was made available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance.

Game Play

The game in question is an open-world journey. Yasmin, Cloe, Sasha, and Jade are the four Bratz girls who are aiming to start their own teen magazine, and the player controls one of them. In addition to Stylesville, where the Bratz resides, the player can also travel to London, Paris, and the house. When the player brings the right Bratz girl to a speech bubble, the game’s goals are accomplished. Blings, which are currencies for the Bratz females, appear during the game.

Each girl has a cellphone that she uses to communicate with other characters, check her collection, and find the next objective. Changes can be made to the phone’s ringtone and cover. In order to purchase movie clips, the player can also gather character token currency.

Every Bratz girl can choose from 25. Players can also play minigames and capture images in the game for extra cash. The player can customize how the girls’ makeup is done. With their accumulated bling, the Bratz can be led to stores to purchase the newest fashions.

By visiting specific locations or interacting with non-player characters, minigames can be triggered. They consist of: Posing: The player has a limited amount of time to press the designated buttons. This minigame will appear in some objectives.

In the game Blown Away, the player must pick up and return dropped pieces of paper. Model Behavior! – The player is required to participate in photo booth activities. Rockin’ Racerz requires the player to don the in-line skates worn by the Bratz girl and grab the flags as quickly as possible.

Playstation 3

Although the Game Boy Advance version has a different set of objectives, it uses the same scenario as the console version. Tasks in Stylesville, where the game is set, must be completed in order to advance. The girls visit London halfway through the narrative to get ready for a play there.

Windows by Microsoft

The game’s console and Microsoft Windows versions are distinct from one another. It adheres to the movie’s plot. The game’s goals are nine in number. The objectives with odd numbers (chapters 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9) are minigames that require reflexes, and the player must complete the tasks to earn points. There are four rounds in each mini-game.

Lower points are awarded when the player takes or doesn’t take the part. At three misses, the player needs to do the round again losing a number of points. Except for the final objective, the player can use points to unlock Bratz girls’ outfits.

The even-numbered goals (chapters 2, 4, 6, and 8) are adventure games with puzzle elements. To solve a puzzle, the player must interact with a specific Bratz character and gather objects (for example give a camera to a colleague). These objectives can be photographed by the player and printed from the “Secrets” menu. To complete each adventure objective, the player must create a piece of writing, a logo, a flyer, or a poster. Even the player’s own design can be printed. The “Secrets” menu has a link to this section.

When a player completes the game, they unlock Top Trumps, a card game with warlike elements. Each turn, the player receives a card with a total of numbers on it. The player must determine which number on their card exceeds that on their opponent’s. They win the card if they are right. The game continues until one player holds all 28 cards.

The girls decide to create their own magazine to compete with Your Thing when Jade’s submission is rejected by the magazine.

Merchandise Description

Bratz Rock Angelz is an innovative interactive adventure game that will let fans of the immensely popular line of fashion dolls  discover their own “love for fashion.” As they set off on a number of journeys in quest of fascinating tales to inspire and produce their very own fashion magazine, fans will become fully immersed in the Bratz World.

You can adapt the shes of any of the four Bratz Girls with the help of Bratz Rock Angelz. As you shop for the newest trends and visit exotic international locales to uncover the hottest tales for the creation of your own fashion magazine, you can alter the hair, makeup, and attire of every Bratz girl. By allowing users to communicate directly with the Bratz characters in their own environment, Bratz Rock Angelz almost brings the toy series to life.

Is Bratz available on the PS4?

The “passion for fashion” girls from everyone’s favorite shows are back in their own incredibly sexy dress-up and dance video game for the PlayStation gaming system! Choose your favorite Bratz girl, then start going!

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