Blackpink Pubg Concert Mobile : Schedule, Events, Prizes, Song List

BLACKPINK, one of the most well-known K-pop girl groups in the world, will perform at “The Virtual,” the first-ever in-game concert for PUBG Mobile. This is a quite unique event that is open to all PUBG Mobile players, and it also includes a new premiere single track called “Ready For Love,” providing the game’s audience with a beautiful opportunity to hear this song firsthand.

BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile have teamed up once more to offer magnificent in-game performances that are scheduled to take place over the course of two weekends in July, following their successful cooperation two years ago in 2020. Here is all the information you require regarding the BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile in-game concert and all the added extras that are associated with it.

How To Watch The BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile Concert

By just logging into the game, every PUBG Mobile user will receive their free, exclusive in-game concert tickets. In order to get ready for the event and enjoy various perks that come with it, players must download the “Concert Resource Pack.”

Blackpink x PUBG Mobile Concert Viewership Rewards

At the PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK performance, numerous awards have been offered that will be unlocked when a particular milestone is collectively attained by the audience. This is done in an effort to set a viewership world record. One million concurrent peak viewers: gaming accessories 5 million concurrent viewers at its peak: 3D mapping program Peak concurrent viewers at 12.5 million: New York Times Square’s exclusive offline exposure

BLACKPINK Concert In-Game Events For PUBG Mobile

Players will be able to obtain specific limited-edition in-game products during the “Cheering Event” by accumulating “Cheer Value.” The accessible things are as follows:

Sets of BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” are worth 50,000 cheers. To promote BLACKPINK in PUBG Mobile, players can band together and obtain a unique airplane banner that is displayed on the entire server. Before July 31st, gamers can accomplish a variety of daily missions to earn “Pink Crystals.” These may be exchanged for in-game goodies including ice cream, BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls Sets, cheer banners, and AG.

One of the most well-known K-pop girl groups in the world, BLACKPINK, will perform at the PUBG Mobile premiere with a concert titled “Virtual.” The new debut single “Ready For Love” is also included in this pretty special event for all PUBG Mobile participants, giving game watchers a fantastic chance to hear the music firsthand.

BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile have linked together once more to stage incredible in-game performances set for two weekends in July following successful cooperation two years ago in 2020. The BLACKPINK x PUBG Mobile in-game concert and all the bonuses that go along with it are covered in the following information.

You should know everything about the “Virtual” PUBG Mobile x BLACKPINK in-game concert. Following their initial collaboration in 2020, BLACKPINK and PUBG Mobile are teaming up once more. This partnership also released a tonne of exclusive costumes, sound packs, and voices for the performers in addition to the event. Orders, in-game activities, prizes for viewers, and more.

Over the course of two weekends, anywhere in the world will host the first in-game “Virtual” concert for PUBG Mobile. The schedule is listed below.

Simply by login into the game, all PUBG Mobile players will receive free, special in-game concert tickets. For the Concert Resource Pack and other added goodies, players must download it in order to get ready for the performance.

In PUBG Mobile, players can unite to obtain a unique server-level air banner to demonstrate their support for BLACKPINK. Players can also complete a variety of daily tasks before turning 31 in July by collecting “pink crystals.” They may be used to use in-game things including the BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls Set, AG, Cheer Banners, and Ice Cream.

Is BlackPink Present In PUBG Mobile?

In their most recent music video, K-pop sensation Blackpink drops into a battlefield island. Blackpink just unveiled a new video that is set inside the universe of PUBG Mobile, which recently hosted its first-ever in-game concert. The collaboration between the two companies was recently announced.

Is BlackPink A PUBG Ambassador?

The group BLACKPINK has a wide range of sponsorships, from automobiles (they served as the global ambassadors for Kia Motors) to smartphones (they promoted Samsung’s Galaxy A phone with a now-famous dance challenge as part of their partnership with the game PUBG Mobile and the avatar service ZEPETO).

Will Bgmi And Blackpink Collaborate?

A recent addition to the lengthy list of collaborations in BGMI is the well-known K-pop group BLACKPINK. Fans of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and, Rose from India will eagerly anticipate seeing their teamwork in the newest 2.1 updates to the game.

Who Is Blackpink’s Leader?

There isn’t really an “official” leader for Blackpink. Fans, however, have labeled Jisoo the group’s “unofficial” leader, probably because she is the oldest.

Will Blackpink Make A Comeback?

The queens are returning. Fans are undoubtedly eager for new music since Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa’s THE ALBUM debuted in October 2020, over a year and a half ago. Good news then! This August, the quartet will formally make its 2022 comeback.

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