Biden says no change to US ‘strategic ambiguity’ on Taiwan

On the last day of his high-stakes strip to Asia, President Joe Biden urged international leaders in Japan to do more to stop Russia’s intrusion of Ukraine and said there would be no change to “strategic ambiguity” on Taiwan, a day after frustrating China when he suggested the U.S. could send troops to the region.

“This is more than just a European issue. It’s a global issue,” Biden said of the Russia-Ukraine War Tuesday, along with leaders of Japan, India and Australia.

In his comments, Biden described the Eastern European conflict as a “dark hour” in history.

“We’re navigating a dark hour in our shared history,” the U.S. president said. “The Russian brutal and unprovoked war against Ukraine has triggered a humanitarian catastrophe and innocent civilians have been killed in the streets and millions of refugees are internally displaced as well as in exile.”

He added: “The world has to deal with it, and we are.”

Biden was questioned by a group of reporters at the summit if he stood byremarks he made Monday, that the U.S. was still considering the possibility of sending troops near Taiwan to stop a likely intrusion by China, which criticism by the latter country.

“No,” Biden replied, Reuters reported. “The policy has not changed at all. I stated that when I made my statement yesterday.”

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