Best Survival Horror Games That You Might Have To Think Twice Before Playing!

In the last 10 years, it seems as though the survival horror game genre has really found its footing. Hell, maybe after five. With the help of cutting-edge ambient headsets, flawless 4K graphics, and grotesque surroundings, some genuinely horrific experiences have been created that will stay with you forever.

The most effective aspect of survival horror, and the reason I think it will continue to develop and shape the gaming industry in the coming ten years, is that it puts you in the character’s shoes. It’s an especially terrifying waking nightmare when you’re looking through the eyes of a patient who is isolated in an asylum and won’t move until you do. You’ll adore this list if you enjoy survival horror films. 2021 horror video games, move aside. These are the top new horror games for 2022.

Seclusion From Aliens Horror Games

Although Layers of Fear has been called a walking simulator, it is actually much more than that, and it deserves recognition for its jarringly innovative concepts. You take on the role of an anonymous artist visiting his Gothic mansion from the 18th century. It rapidly becomes clear that the narration is false and that you are objectively a very awful person who will “die to finish your last painting,” as you soon go insane as a result of questionable paint components.

Few video games will make you rethink practically everything that happens in the gaming world as your psychosis takes over. Hey, did that chair just happen to be there? Simply brilliant. On the PS4, you can play Layers of Fear.

The Inner Evil

The Evil Within is the best horror game available on the PlayStation 3. The Evil Within pays homage to the survival horror genre’s forerunners, such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, and the over-the-shoulder perspective is awesomely horrifying as the plot unfolds. However, most contemporary survival horror games understandably choose a first-person perspective.

The Evil Within by horror mastermind Shinji Mikami features some incredibly horrifying creatures, and the constant worry of running out of shotgun shells doesn’t go away until the end credits. The Evil Within is accessible through Game Pass for PS4, PC, and Xbox.


The horror game SOMA blurs the barriers between mankind and technology and has a strong philosophical foundation. The creators of Amnesia, Frictional Games, demonstrate why they are still the kings of survival horror by giving you nothing to use as a weapon except your legs to run.

The riveting atmosphere of PATHOS-II, an underwater maze, is unapologetically evocative of Rapture in Bioshock in all the best ways. You take on the role of Simon, who has to get out of a bizarre human-robot existential nightmare before the sea swallows him whole. This isn’t your typical underwater horror game, so be forewarned. It is a masterpiece of existential horror accessible on PC and PS4.

Inert Space

All contemporary science fiction horror games have their roots in Dead Space, which also gave the stale genre fresh life. Space is the ideal location for gothic horror, and Isaac Clarke is exploring a mining ship in deep space that has been overrun by creatures known as Necromorphs.

It definitely leans more toward first-person shooter than survival horror at points, but it completely captures the essential components of the genre. Its appeal and foresight in creating a framework for sci-fi horror are evident and enduring. The Xbox Game Pass presently includes access to the complete Dead Space franchise.

The Remake Of Resident Evil 2

One of the best and original real survival horror video games was published for the PlayStation 1 over twenty years ago. The iconic Resident Evil 2 has returned and been updated. Resident Evil 2 is the scariest Resident Evil game since it was completely rebuilt from the ground up and looks absolutely stunning.

With more gore, ingenious riddles, and slick gunplay, it’s a classic recreation of Leon and Claire’s terrifying adventure through a zombie-infested Raccoon City. It’s easy to return to the survival horror genre’s origins with games like Resident Evil. Resident Evil 2 is now available on the PS4.

Isolation: Alien

Over the years, a lot of horror films have been turned into video games. A lot of movies have failed to take off, but Alien: Isolation is the exception. Its visuals closely resemble those of the first film, transporting us to the period right after the Nostromo’s destruction, when Amanda Ripley is starting her hunt for her mother.

It is a very horrifying experience to hear the menacing Xenomorph rattle through vents over your head or stalk the hallway in front of you. The gameplay is surprisingly difficult and does a good job of blending elements of gunplay with survival. Intelligent AI is frequently equally if not more terrifying than the extraterrestrial. The PC version of Alien: Isolation is now available on Steam for PCs and Xbox Ones with Game Pass.

The Dark Descent Of Amnesia

Although a lot of contemporary survival horror films are set in the future because, well, what’s scarier than the future? The Dark Descent’s Amnesia transports us to the 1830s. Due to the lack of firearms and the addition of additional insanity characteristics that made you think twice before burning any lantern oil, it was a tremendous success right away and justifiably so.

The stories in Amnesia, which deftly blended themes of history, science fiction, and, of course, insanity, were incredibly intriguing and complicated.

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