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Austin Geidt Net Worth: Austin Geidt, a former head of strategy for the Advanced Technologies Group, which produces software for the department of prisons, was Uber’s fourth employee. After graduating from the University of California, Geidt began working for Uber. Ryan Graves, the previous CEO of the business, received the unsolicited email and asked her to deliver a presentation.

Austin’s knowledge of the procedure was evident since she quickly joined the business as the first-ever marketing intern. When she was first an intern, she was in charge of marketing. She promptly assumed several responsibilities, including overseeing driver operations and acting as the temporary manager of New York, after settling in well to the workplace.

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Austin Geidt

Geidt was a key player in Uber’s global expansion as she oversaw the company’s entry into numerous locations, including Paris, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and many more. To boost the ride-sharing app’s growth to over three hundred new markets, Austin formed a “launch” team.

She researched the market environment and business models of her rival ride-hailing competitors. She took over the company’s Advanced Technologies Group in 2016 and was responsible for, among other things, Uber’s development of self-driving cars and many of their notable features.

On the day of Uber’s historic IPO in 2019, Austin rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange alongside the firm’s CEO. In 16 years, she worked under three different CEOs. After eleven years at Uber, Geidt finally made her exit announcement in 2020. She started from scratch and became the Advanced Technologies Group’s strategy.

Austin Geidt Net Worth

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Where Is Austin Geidt Now After Working Her Way Up From An Intern To The Head Of Strategy At Uber In 2020?

Austin Geidt rang the New York Stock Exchange’s IPO bell for Uber in 2019. She served as the Advanced Technologies Group’s head of strategy for the ride-sharing app. However, Geidt began working at Uber in 2010 as the organization’s first intern, which, to put it mildly, is a highly fantastic career path. Many people are interested in Geidt’s current activities even though she departed the organization in 2020 after a decade and with various responsibilities under her belt.

2010 Saw The Hiring Of Austin Geidt As Uber’s First Intern

Geidt sent an email to Ryan Graves, the CEO of Uber, asking for a job after getting sober and earning his degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010. The rest is history—she was asked to put up a presentation about herself. She started working for the company as its first intern, first female employee, and fourth overall.

Her position as an intern changed with time, and in 2011 she was promoted to Head of Launch. Geidt was appointed director of operations for the Advanced Technologies Group in 2016. Uber had a $50 billion market cap at that point.

“I worked extremely hard once I was employed. I didn’t sleep because I was so focused on demonstrating my importance. I could only think, “I’ll figure out a role and a method to help you folks; he spoke with The Muse. “I used to arrive earlier than everyone else and remain later. I still consider working for Uber a form of residence, and I adore it. However, I was only attempting to hold on at the time until they realized how crucial I could be to this business.”

Where Is Austin Geidt Now After Quitting Uber In 2020?

Get spent ten years at Uber, where she led the company’s global expansion into 400 markets and served as project manager for the company’s driverless car initiative. Regarding her new position with Advanced Technologies, Geidt told Marie Claire that it was “a very cool moment to be a part of.” “It seems like a new beginning again.” She abruptly decided to leave Uber in 2020.

Geidt tweeted her departure: “Today marks ten years of roaming the halls at @Uber, and what better time to say goodbye.” “I can’t begin to express how much this location means to me in 240 characters. I will treasure this experience for the rest of my life since I’m so happy and fortunate to have had it.”

That year, she commemorated another significant accomplishment: 16 years of sobriety.
“Sixteen, baby! I’m eager to add this gorgeous chip box. It feels especially well-earned this year. Recovery is constant labor that is difficult, but it completely rocks! Let’s continue normalizing it, ” she added on the social media site.

Although Geidt’s present employment and financial status are unknown, she did provide some wise counsel to people seeking internships and entry-level positions in Silicon Valley.

She advised The Muse to “find all the start-ups you’re interested in and just reach out like crazy.” “Networking is crucial in that, in my opinion. And I believe that the best hiring I’ve made has come from recommendations, so make an effort to expand your network and become active.”

Career Income

After holding the position of strategic head in the Advanced Technologies Group, Austin Geidt amassed significant career earnings. She began working in marketing as an intern. She has significantly advanced the field of autonomous driving. On May 10, 2019, Uber’s IPO day, Geidt rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.


Regarding his pay, Austin Geidt has not yet taken any action. She reportedly made between $800,000 and $1 million annually. According to Glassdoor, an intern at Uber makes a base pay of 89,483 per year. This information hasn’t been confirmed, though.

Early Life

American birthplace is where Austin Geidt was born. She hasn’t, however, given her precise birthdate on media websites. She spoke openly about her issues with chronic drug use while she was a college student. At 25, Austin received his degree from the University of California.

Austin Geidt Networth

Media outlets have not been given Austin Geidt’s estimated net worth. However, based on her previous employment with Uber Inc., her income is speculated to be in the millions. In 2016, Geidt, who had previously served as a marketing intern, was appointed the strategic leader of Advanced Technologies Group. Later, she rose to become Silicon Valley’s most powerful woman.

In 2015, she was included in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women to discuss her remarkable career. She has traveled a long road, from fighting drugs to working for Uber. Austin has had a continuous impact while the company has gone through leadership transitions and growing challenges. She struggled to overcome every obstacle and emerged as a formidable force in her era.

Final Lines

Here, we go over Austin Geidt’s net worth and other fascinating information. Where is Austin Geidt now, after rising through the ranks at Uber to become the head of strategy in 2020? Here, there are no questions.

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