Atomic Heart Release Date And Which Types Of System Specifications For Games?

Recall the May 2018 announcement of Atomic Heart. We also don’t. Other games, such as State of Decay 2 and Donkey King Country, eclipsed it. But since the initial statement was made four years ago, Atomic Heart has come far closer than you imagined.

Atomic Heart is being developed by Mundfish, who drew inspiration from Metro and Bioshock to create this first-person shooter. There is even some influence from previous games, such as Stalker & Nier, which results in an incredible experience that is unheard of before.

Since Mundfish is Russian, it is not unexpected that Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter from the Soviet era. They have built upon and expanded on several Soviet-era cliches to develop distinctive gameplay. For instance, there are evil robots with torture rooms decorated like clowns.

Atomic Heart’s plot is set between the 1930s and 1960s, when communism spread throughout the Soviet Union, according to Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni. However, inventions like the internet already exist, giving the games a surprising new dimension.

There is much more to Atomic Heart than you might realize, and we are here to explain it all. But be prepared; strange things are about to happen! It Appears As The Survival Horror Game Genre Has Established Its Foothold Over The Past Ten Years. Hell, Perhaps At Five. Best Survival Horror Games That Might Make You Second-guess Playing Them!

Everything We Know About Atomic Heart!

Atomic Heart is immersed in a communist and hostile environment as the East and West engage in never-ending political conflicts. However, Russia is taking the initiative this time by mass-producing robotic androids. These androids contributed to the advancement of agriculture and defense and helped with timber composition.

We’ll take on the role of KGB Major Nechaev. Because of his mental instability, he begins to revolt against the Soviet Union. Major Nechaev finds this undesirable when the Russian government starts targeting his numerous sites. The KGB Agent doesn’t begin to fight back until everything spirals out of control.

Robotic androids are seen adoring their programming while living things roaming the streets. Yes, you heard us correctly; Major Nechaev will face attacks from dead creatures like dogs. We weren’t anticipating Mundfish Studios to confirm an underlying love story for Atomic Heart, but they did.

It is unclear how much this narrative will impact the gameplay. This linear-based game’s two possible endings are the most likely to be affected. However, Mundfish has displayed gameplay footage from 2019 to 2021, so anxiety is unnecessary. The Prevalence Of Survival Horror Games Is Still Rather Widespread Even Though Their Copy Sales Aren’t The Highest. 22 Upcoming Survival Horror Games: A Special Game Of Great Fear

There is a system of gameplay elements that is reminiscent of Bioshock. We’ll have access to various weapons, including an unidentified glove with magical abilities. For instance, while shotgun shells are scattered, attackers can be frozen. Your adversaries are destroyed into many bits. As a result, they have little chance of survival.

Atomic Heart Release Date

Security cameras were seen operating like beehives to track down Major Nechaev, revealing more gaming mechanisms within the hostile ecosystems. Death is close at hand if these hives cannot be shut off or compromised. Atomic Heart is experiencing so many events that it would be hard to explain everything. We could talk about the potential and possibilities of this game for hours.

However, this guarantees that Atomic Heart will keep us entertained for a long time. With Atomic Heart, Mundfish is likely to unseat 2k Games because it resembles Bioshock in terms of excitement. Additionally, this next FPS includes features like DLSS and RTX Lighting. Which Action Games On The Playstation 5 Are The Best? Latest Entertainment News: Top PS5 Action Games!

Does Atomic Heart Have An Xbox And PC Release Date?

According to Mundfish Studios, Atomic Heart will be released for the Xbox Series X/S and the PC. It will be released sometime in September 2022 and will support next-generation and last-generation platforms, including the Xbox One.

It should be mentioned that Atomic Heart will be available on both Steam and Microsoft Windows. Although the price of Atomic Heart has not yet been announced, it is anticipated that it will fall somewhere between these ranges in North America and Europe:

  • $89.99 – Canada
  • $69.99 – America
  • €59.99 – European Union
  • £49.99 – United Kingdom

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are two examples of next-generation systems for which this pricing is valid. The cost will be reduced when promoting this game on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Will The Xbox Game Pass Include Atomic Heart?

It has been revealed that Atomic Heart will go live for the Xbox Game Pass on “Day One.” This should apply to the PC and the Xbox Series X/S. Anyone who has a subscription will therefore have quick access to this game. How many people will download Atomic Heart, we wonder? Will this game succeed or fail as a cult favorite? The actual query is that.

Atomic Heart Release Date

System Requirements For Games

Mudfish Studios hasn’t described gaming system requirements for Atomic Heart. However, considerable quantities of gameplay footage have been shown since 2018 & several benchmark providers have identified which system requirements are needed for Atomic Heart. You can see those prerequisites below (PC Only) (PC Only).

Minimum PC System Requirements

Category System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-Bit or Later)
CPU Intel i5 4460 / AMD FX-6300
Storage Space 50+ GB
Hi-Rez Assets Cache TBC
GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R7 260x
Video Memory DirectX – Version 12
Graphics Driver TBC

Recommended PC System Requirements

Category System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-Bit or Later)
CPU Intel Core i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600
Storage Space 50+ GB
Hi-Rez Assets Cache TBC
GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB
Video Memory DirectX – Version 12
Graphics Driver TBC

Video Game Trailer!

Almost no words can adequately convey what is happening in this trailer. Major Nechaev and the dystopian Soviet Union are introduced to us through a confluence of strange nonsense, but that’s before we meet unsettling robots and zombie-like creatures.

In addition, it is nearly hard to capture the numerous adversaries in this trailer. Even the message “Don’t Lose Your Mind” warns that the next first-person shooter will be unlike anything we’ve ever played.

Will Atomic Heart Be Released In 2022?

Atomic Heart will be released in the latter half of 2022, according to Mundfish Studios. It will initially support the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC with extended support. But what’s this? More because Atomic Heart is accessible on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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