Atlas Fallen Release Date : Trailers, Platforms And Gameplay

After the conclusion of Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live, it’s time to review the Atlas Fallen release date and what is known about this action RPG. In Atlas Fallen, a brand-new action-RPG hack-and-slash game from Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive, you must battle vile monsters who resemble gods.

It’s easy to say that this is one of the most intriguing games introduced at Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, and we can’t wait to find out more. In light of this, we have included below what we currently know about the Atlas Fallen release date, availability, and expectations.

When it debuts, we have no idea if this will rank among the greatest PS5 RPGs or the top Xbox RPGs, but we do know that it’s getting attention for its distinctive approach to the high fantasy genre. Players will undoubtedly feel strong as they engage in battle with gigantic monsters in the ruins that dot this bizarre planet since they have unusual sand-bending powers and ancient elemental magic at their disposal.

Like how does that sound together? Keep reading to learn the most recent data regarding the Atlas Fallen release date as well as any other information we know about this forthcoming game.

The new action-adventure RPG “Atlas Fallen” claims to introduce us to fabled creatures, corrupted gods, shape-shifting weaponry, and a lot of sand.

Atlas Fallen’s mystical realms have not yet been given names. Despite the dry heat and looming dangers, these sand-filled dunes are ageless and nonetheless teem with life. According to legend, the sand preserves recollections of the past and echoes of greatness that once existed.

Atlas Fallen Release Date Rumours

We don’t yet know when exactly Atlas Fallen will be released. After the game is revealed during Opening Night Live at Gamescom 2022, we do, however, have a release date to discuss.

Currently, a 2023 release date has been established for the action-RPG Atlas Fallen. As we have stated, we don’t currently have any more information on the debut of this game. However, given that it has just recently been revealed, we’re inclined to say that it will most likely be published in the third or fourth quarter of 2022, which is the second half of the year. We’ll simply have to wait till Focus Entertainment and Deck13 Interactive provide us with additional details, though, for the time being.

Atlas Fallen Trailers

You may view the trailer for Atlas Fallen below if you’re interested in learning more. The planet of Atlas Fallen is in ruins and is inhabited by enormous, god-like beings. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy world where strange magic is employed with primitive technology like horse-drawn carts.

Atlas Fallen Platforms

If you were able to see the entire clip above, you are aware that Atlas Fallen will be made accessible for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This is only one of a number of newly revealed titles that will only be accessible on next-generation platforms.

At the present, it is unknown just why this is the case. However, it appears that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are no longer being used by the industry as a whole.

Atlas Fallen Gameplay and More

We don’t actually know a whole lot about what to anticipate when Atlas Fallen touches down at the moment. We know the game will include a semi-open world full of mystery and peril from what we have seen and read in press releases after the game’s introduction.

Players will be able to bend the universe to their will as they fight against legendary monsters and various bad creatures by harnessing the incredible power of the sands surrounding them. Although the game’s third-person hack and slash nature is confirmed by a brief gameplay clip in the teaser above, there isn’t much else we currently know about it.

You see, the gods themselves traversed the Atlas Fallen lands, coexisting peacefully and harmoniously with people. In fact, their mutual regard for humanity was so strong that legends claim that mortal heroes have crossed paths with these gods. This relationship diminished over time as the gods’ conceit increased. As the immortal beings quarreled with one another, causing corruption, mankind was abandoned.

Numerous years have passed after this incident, and most people have already lost the memory of their best selves. The only thing that can recall how amazing past narratives were is sand. Only antique artifacts and ruins from the old world contain memories.

That Much Sand Is A Lot! The Gamescom Opening Night trailer for Atlas Fallen mostly consisted of cinematics with brief gameplay segments. Even though the actual gameplay was only briefly seen, the cinematics itself gave us a good idea of what to anticipate from this next action RPG.

The location where the movie takes place isn’t the hottest spot on earth, despite the fact that the planet is covered in sand. With some areas of grass and trees, there are still indications of life and vegetation. It resembles a medieval fantasy world that got stranded in a sandstorm for a number of decades. An old road is being hurriedly traveled by a caravan that is anxious to reach the distant, magnificent metropolis. But they have to cross a bridge that has already collapsed.

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