Are Milo And Meg Dating in 2022? Zombie 3 Couple Rumours

The sequel to ZOMBIES will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, July 15, and fans can’t wait to see Zed and Addison again! Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim, the stars of “Zeddison,” sat down with J-14 to discuss how they’ve changed since the original ZOMBIES movie, their forthcoming projects, and dating rumors.

The Disney+ premiere of Zombies 3 will arrive on July 15, 2022. As the eagerly anticipated Disney Original film approaches its premiere, fans are becoming increasingly interested in the private lives of the Zombies 3 ensemble. People want to learn more about the adorable actress Meg Donnelly, also known as cheerleader Addison. Meg Donnelly has won fans for the musical franchise because of how beautifully she portrayed the character of Addison. There are numerous rumors regarding Meg Donnelly dating all over the internet and on different social media sites.

Meg Donnelly and Noah Zulfikar previously shared a relationship, which both confirmed. There have been some recent developments in Meg Donnelly’s romantic life. Milo Manheim, who plays her co-star, is rumored to be Meg Donnelly’s lover in 2022. After the publication of the Zombies 3 trailer, the rumors began to circulate. In the Disney musical film, Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly play the roles of a lover and girlfriend.

Many rumors are floating around the internet about Meg Donnelly’s dating life, including who she is dating, her boyfriend in 2022, and other details about her personal life. This article will provide you with detailed information about the actress’s life. But, before we get into her relationship status, I want to tell you more about Meg Donnelly’s personal life. This blog will provide you with more information about your favorite actress.

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Dating Rumors Between Milo And Meg

As the third installment of Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim Zombies approaches, more and more rumors about the principal actors dating circulate. The internet is exploding with numerous theories concerning Meg Donnelly’s dating life. Milo Manheim is widely assumed to be Meg Donnelly’s boyfriend.

Are Milo And Meg Dating
Are Milo And Meg Dating

In the Zombies franchise, both play the roles of girlfriend and boyfriend. And their on-screen chemistry led some to believe that there was between them in real life. An image of Donnelly and Milo standing in front of their movie poster has also generated dating rumors.


Both have shared identical photos on their individual Instagram accounts. The image on Milo’s Instagram was captioned; This is a momentous time. And the love symbol has left others puzzled. Everyone only wants to know if Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim will be dating in 2022.

I know you’re curious about the on-screen romance Meg and Milo are dating in real life. According to their interview with Hollywood Life, they feel very fortunate because they not only get along but are also great friends. Milo said in the same interview that they are a family and that he adores everyone on the set. And they are a wonderful group of people, and Milo considers himself blessed to have them.

The bottom line is Milo Manheim & Meg Donnelly are not dating in real life. 

Is Noah Zulfikar Meg Donnelly’s Boyfriend

If Meg Donnelly isn’t dating Zombies 3 co-star Milo Manheim in 2022, who is she dating? Meg Donelly is currently seeing her other Zombies 2 co-star Noah Zulfikar, according to an HITC article. Noah is a Canadian-born and raised dancer and actor. In Zombies 2, Noah Zulfikar portrayed Jacey, a dancer. 

There is no information regarding how their romance began, but we may assume that the couple met on the set of Zombies 2. Noah has been seen many times on Instagram uploading images with Meg. In his Instagram posts, he openly admits his feelings for Meg. Noah’s Instagram account made the announcement of their romance in August 2019. Following that post, Noah Zulfikar shared numerous photos of himself with his girlfriend Meg Donnelly on Instagram, openly confirming their relationship.

In 2022, Meg Donnelly is dating Noah Zulfikar rather than Milo Manheim. She is a talented actress, and we like her as Addison in Disney’s Zombies. I wish the pair luck as they enjoy their time together. 

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