Apex Stat Tracker: Why You Need An Apex Legends Tracker

Apex Stat Tracker: Like any good Battle Royale game, Apex Legends places a premium on meticulous record-keeping of your in-game achievements and failures. In-game stat trackers are available as cosmetics in Apex Legends. However, they are primarily for show. They won’t show you the information you require. Alternatively, an Apex Legends tracker would be your best buddy out in the wild.

Hi there, Superstars! While G-primary Loot’s function is stat tracking, we’ll discuss how you may use such a tool in Apex Legends today. For the simple reason that, as you may have guessed, I consider myself an Apexpert.


What Does An Apex Legends Tracker do?

A slow-paced game, Apex Legends is not. The game’s makers have occasionally weakened the controls, making maneuvering more challenging. You can say that it’s lightning fast. Since protracted matches might make it hard to keep track of your actions, this is a genuine concern. It’s not easy to remember your kill count when you’ve racked up dozens of kills and fired hundreds of bullets.

In addition to resolving these issues, a high-quality Apex Legends tracker will provide valuable insights on how you can boost your gameplay. Octane of the Apex Legends team is keeping close tabs on his stats as he soars to new heights. Respawn Entertainment provided this picture.

No, there’s more where that came from! Isn’t it incredible that this Apex Legends counter also hosts regular tournaments where you can compete for actual cash prizes? G-Loot provides that, so you can scratch my beard and call me Caustic.

What Does G-Loot Provide?

Although G-Loot can monitor various games, we’ll focus on the Apex Legends functionality for the time being. You may monitor your progress and the amount of time you spend playing Apex Legends with the help of a tracking app. Everything counts, be it a kill, an assist, a knockout, or a headshot. If you keep score in Apex Legends, you can see where you excel and need improvement.

A good Apex Legends tracker will act as your assistant, giving you statistics and data on your performance and ways to improve it. More than that, it gives you positive reinforcement before and after each match. When a game starts, I always go to the left of my screen to read the encouraging message, “Let’s win this one!”

I’ve Started Tracking My Apex Legends Stats. Now What?

You’ve finally reached the exciting conclusion, Legends. G-Loot hosts weekly brawls where you can challenge yourself and other players and monthly showdowns to battle yourself and other players for actual rewards. If you place first in a weekly Brawl, you will receive G-Loot money and tournament tickets. Gift cards from Steam, Origin, DRKN, and Amazon can all be purchased with G-Loot coins.

However, if you purchase a tournament ticket, you’ll be able to participate in the Monthly Showdowns for a shot at the cash prizes. The matchup for Apex Legends’ February Showdown. Why would a player need to record this data for Apex Legends? Now you can keep score in Apex Legends using the G-Loot app and level up to compete in Showdowns with the greatest players in the world. Additionally, G-Loot can assist you in becoming better in other esports in which you are interested.

How Do I Improve My Game Using An Apex Legends tracker?

Using a tracker in Apex Legends allows you to see every facet of the game. In addition to your total kills, knockdowns, and assists, you should also consider your average during the game. You’ll be able to get a sense of your overall performance and focus on improving those areas where you fall below the norm. Your weapon accuracy may be high, yet your health is low, or vice versa.

Perhaps you have a high accuracy rate at the expense of a low rate of damage dealt because you are missing several vital headshots. Your tracker provides access to these data for inspection at any time. The number of times you’ve helped your teammates back to life and the number of times they’ve aided you may also be viewed. Perhaps you aren’t contributing as much to the team as they are to you.

If you can work on it, you’ll become a more valuable member of any team you join and a more effective player of Apex Legends. The next step is a period of intense effort. Having a target in mind will motivate you to work towards bettering yourself until you attain it, at which point you can move on.

G-Loot will assign you a mission daily to aid you in this endeavor. Tokens for the Weekly Brawls can be earned by completing daily G-Loot Missions, and you can raise your overall performance by striving to meet a daily objective in the game.

As you complete your daily objectives, you’ll get access to the Weekly Brawls, and then the Monthly Showdowns will put your skills to the ultimate test. It’s okay if you fall a few times before you get it right; success is just around the corner.


As we’ve discussed before on the G-Loot Blog, success is guaranteed for those that put in the effort and prioritize their health. Why not utilize an Apex Legends tracker to improve your gameplay and save time instead of mindlessly grinding? The terrain on the path is rugged enough as it is. You can only enhance your walkthrough of Apex Legends by using a tracker.

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