Anthony Fantano Allegedly Divorced Wife Dominique Boxley And Reddit

The news that Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley are divorcing each other has spread online, and people are discussing it on social media platforms. If this information is accurate, the people that watch Fantano didn’t seem happy about it.

The YouTuber hasn’t, however, addressed the divorce rumors in any way. Before getting married, the pair had been living together for a very long time. They all resided in Connecticut.

When he was in his late teens, Anthony Fantano was a vegetarian. Now a vegan, he. He began his career in the business as a group in 2007 at Connecticut Public Radio. The music critic hosted The Want Drop, which is still broadcast on the same line, 15 years ago.

In 2009, Fantano made contributions and used the platform for the first time. He started reviewing the TV show The Needle Drop on his YouTube channel in January 2009 because his main concern was moving higher in his career.

He bought the idea to write reviews of music movies after he wrote an assessment of the record by American film producer Steven Ellison. 2010 saw Fantano remove earlier posts that contained music clips as long as they complied with the US law’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Household life and relationships of Anthony Fantano

Dominique Boxley gained notoriety after she wed Anthony Fantano. She is an American citizen who has supported her husband by appearing in a few of his YouTube movies.

The exact date of their marriage, which occurred after 2010, is unknown. They have been viewed as a group ever since Valentine’s Day in 2011. Anthony started introducing Dominique as his girlfriend, and they typically got married in private later on.

There are no children of their own that Anthony and Dominique are raising. The Needle Drop was the first broadcast online by Fantano in 2007. He deleted the earlier criticisms in 2010, but he continued to work at the radio station going forward. He also worked at a restaurant that served pizza.

He was born in Connecticut and had Sicilian and American forebears. He was influenced by Useless Kennedys, the main singer of a hardcore punk band. In actuality, he used to identify the American punk rock band as his political hero’s favorite.

Anthony Fantano and his spouse, Dominique Boxley, are a couple of years aside in age

On October 28, 1985, Anthony Fantano was born, making him 36 years old. Although Dominique, his wife, hasn’t specified her age, she is also in her 30s.

On the Fantano Heads discussion board, Reddit users discussed Fantano and his divorce case. Some people claim that the rumor about their breakup is untrue. Fantano didn’t deserve this, they said.

Additionally, his ardent supporters stated that he was dealing with personal concerns and that everyone has the right to online privacy, no matter how difficult life may be

Early Years

Fantano’s mother and father are both from Sicily, and he was born in Connecticut. He was a teenager living in Wolcott, Connecticut. Jello Biafra, a musician and former lead singer of the hardcore punk band Useless Kennedys, purchased Fantano as a young man who was interested in politics. Biafra was described by him as “just about my political idol.”



Fantano got his start in the 2000s as the music director for Southern Connecticut State College’s campus radio station.

In 2007, Fantano began his employment at Connecticut Public Radio (WNPR), where he served as host of The Needle Drop. He began The Needle Drop as a collection of written evaluations in the same year. With a review of a Jay Reatard album, he launched a string of video reviews on his YouTube account in January 2009.

Fantano has said that the “hint” to continue filming video evaluations came from seeing his assessment of Flying Lotus’ 2010 album Cosmogramma next to other Flying Lotus videos in YouTube’s “Featured Videos” section. 2010 saw Fantano remove previous evaluations that included audio files to ensure they didn’t violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

At the time, he was working on The Needle Drop at both the school radio station and a pizza restaurant. He made the decision to concentrate full-time on The Needle Drop in late 2011, but he continued to work for WNPR until 2014. Fantano was offered a Grownup Swim show where he could review albums, but he declined.

By November 2016, Fantano had increased the frequency of his YouTube postings to “that the plan,” a second channel. According to Spin, he posted “typically irreverent movies that don’t fall into the report evaluation format” and appraised memes on that channel.

Fantano’s films on “that is the plan” were criticized for endorsing alt-right ideologies in an article published in The Fader in October 2017. This sparked a lot of inquiries and discussions on this auxiliary channel. Fantano received criticism for using Pepe the Frog memes, which have since been labeled as alt-right emblems and making fun of feminists. Numerous “The Needle Drop” tour dates in the United States were postponed after the piece was published. The story was cited as the cause of the cancellation on at least one website that sold tickets for a Brooklyn performance.

Fantano responded to the negative article with a video in which he called it a “hit job.” He asserted that the movies in question were intended to be amusing and denied that he supported the alt-right. When either side mentioned that the allegations had been resolved, The Fader later removed the story.

Fantano acknowledged that there had been “grumpy, closed-minded, younger, aggressive male” listeners on the “that is the plan” channel in a later interview. He also criticized the “poisonous and harmful” aspect of internet humor, claiming that the episode has emboldened him to speak out more strongly in support of social justice issues.

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