Celebs Ripped For Asking For Prayers For Anne Heche!

A number of celebrities, including Alec Baldwin and Rosanna Arquette, have come under fire for extending their thoughts and prayers to Anne Heche in the aftermath of the A-high-speed lister’s smash into a house in Mar Vista while allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

After the event, which resulted in Heche sustaining severe burns, Baldwin rushed to Instagram on Saturday to express Heche “my best wishes and all my love.” According to reports, Heche is currently in stable condition in a hospital following the tragedy.

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It took 59 firefighters more than an hour to access, contain, and extinguish the “stubborn flames” caused when Heche’s vehicle slammed into the two-story home, “causing structural compromise and erupting in heavy fire prior to LAFD arrival,” as stated in a statement released by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD). The statement also stated that the fire was caused when Heche’s vehicle collided with the home. Heche was extricated from the vehicle that was on fire while in critical condition.

Heather Duffy Boylston, Heche’s friend, and podcast co-host said in a statement that she is now “stable.” “Anne’s condition is currently steady. During this terrible time, her family and friends ask that you keep them in your prayers and thoughts.

Anne is a long-time friend of mine,” Baldwin says in a video he posted on Instagram. Anne is one of the few ladies I’ve worked with who is as fearless as she is. You’re so talented, Anne; you’ve got such a great heart. I’m very proud of you.” Let me know if everything is alright, and I pray for your safety and well-being. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I’m sorry this happened to you, and my heart goes out to you.”

After that, he made the following request: “I would like everyone to join me in extending their love and support to the great Anne Heche.” Thanks.” As a response to this, many people flocked to the comments section to propose that the attention should be directed toward the person who lived in the house that Heche’s automobile crashed into.

Celebs Ripped For Asking For Prayers For Anne Heche!
Celebs Ripped For Asking For Prayers For Anne Heche!

Heche’s car was moving at a high pace when it collided with a neighbor’s doorbell camera on Friday. A few seconds later, she smashed into the house, causing it to burst into flames. It is now “uninhabitable,” according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

A CBS LA reporter who interviewed Lynne Mishele, the occupant of the residence, following the crash, said, “I’m a mess.” “We’re still alive, but that’s all we can hope for.” According to police, Heche was traveling at double the legal speed limit.

“What about the folks that she came dangerously close to murdering? … Is she of greater significance?” in response to Baldwin’s video, one individual offered their thoughts.

Another person responded, “Yes, I am hoping that she is okay, but how about adding that my thoughts are also with others who came dangerously close to losing their lives?” “C’mon Alec.”

Actors Peter Facinelli and Rosanna Arquette, as well as Big Little Lies actor James Tupper, who was Heche’s ex-boyfriend and with whom she shares a son who is now 13 years old, were among the celebrities who came under fire for offering condolences to the late actress.

Political strategist Nathan Schneider responded to Arquette’s post, in which he requested that people “pray” for Heche, with the following tweet: “She might have killed somebody. Before Heche can damage anybody else, she needs to undergo intensive therapy for her mental health.

Heche’s automobile slammed “nearly all the way through” Michele’s house and “almost instantly” caught fire, according to Michele’s neighbor Lynne Bernstein. Nearly $40,000 has been gathered for Mishele through a GoFundMe page set up by her next-door neighbors John and Jennifer Durand.

The fundraiser said “we are grateful beyond words” for how narrowly Lynne and her family averted the bodily danger. Sadly, the house was completely destroyed in the fire. What’s worse is that Lynne lost everything she’d accumulated over her lifetime: family heirlooms, souvenirs, business equipment like her laptop and iPad, clothes, and the essentials of life in general. She was able to salvage a few sentimental objects from the ruins with the help of firefighters. It’s just me and nothing else.”

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