“Murder, She Wrote” Star Angela Lansbury Cause Of Death Revealed!

Angela Lansbury Death: Dame Angela Brigid Lansbury, also known as Lansbury, passed away on October 11, 2022. As of this writing, she was 96 years old. London is where she entered the world on October 16, 1925. Her first Oscar nomination was for 1944’s Gaslight, her debut film, and she went on to have a successful career in Hollywood.

One year later, Lansbury won the award for her work in The Picture of Dorian Gray, for which she received her second Oscar nomination and Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. For her performance as Mame in the Broadway musical, Lansbury won her first Tony Award in 1966.

Lansbury became well-known not only for her voice work in animated films like 1991’s Beauty and the Beast and 1997’s Anastasia but also for her starring role as Jessica Fletcher on CBS’ Murder, She Wrote, which aired for a total of 12 seasons between 1984 and 1995. She served as the show’s executive producer as well.

Lansbury was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Tony Award, a Lifetime Achievement Oscar, five Tony Awards, six Golden Globes, and an Olivier Award over her illustrious career. The Grammy and Emmy awards weren’t the only ones she was up for. She was awarded the title of “Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire” by the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2014.


What Happened To Angela Lansbury?

Her family confirmed in a statement to People that Lansbury passed away peacefully at home in Los Angeles, California, at 1:30 a.m. on October 11, 2022. On October 16, 2022, just five days before her 97th birthday, she passed away. Children of Dame Angela Lansbury released a statement on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, saying their mother passed away “peacefully in her sleep” at home in Los Angeles at 1:30 a.m., five days before her 97th birthday.

Her stepson David Shaw, son Anthony Shaw, and daughter Deirdre Shaw are the only members of Lansbury’s immediate family still alive. Lansbury was married to her second husband, actor Peter Shaw, from 1949 until his death from a heart attack on January 29, 2003. Apart from this, Have you heard about Coolio Cause Of Death Revealed?

Age-wise, he was 84. She leaves behind her “three children, Anthony, Deirdre, and David; three grandchildren, Peter, Katherine, and Ian; five great-grandchildren; and her brother, producer Edgar Lansbury,” according to the statement. Peter Shaw, her husband of 53 years, predeceased her. At a later time, our immediate family will celebrate this occasion privately.

When Did Angela Lansbury Pass Away, And Why?

Lansbury’s relatives suggested that she died of natural causes. Lansbury had knee replacement surgery in July 2005 to replace the failing cartilage in her knee with metal and plastic; she died 17 years later. People were assisting me in crossing the street. In an interview with the East Bay Times published in 2006, Lansbury said that she had to “drag herself up the stairs” because her “crippled” knees were the result of her early profession as a dancer.

“I started to feel old, but deep down, I’m a young soul.” She continued, “At this point in my life, I will not be dancing with the stars. But I want to get down and boogie, and I did, and I can. She put off the operation, she said to the East Bay Times at the time, because of her apprehension over its potential discomfort.

After Lansbury had hip replacement surgery in May 1994, she decided to have the same procedure done on her knees. “She has had some trouble with (the hip), but not to the level that it impinged on her job,” a CBS representative for Murder, She Wrote, told the Greensboro News & Record at the time. She decided that her time away from school was the perfect opportunity to address the issue.

She had been battling arthritis, which first manifested in the 1990s, for a long time before she passed away. A source informed Closer Weekly in 2022 that Lansbury had “many things,” including arthritis, that caused her to miss a tribute to her at the 75th Annual Tony Awards.

And with new COVID instances still being reported often, Angela decided that staying at home was the safest option rather than going to a cinema with six thousand other people. Despite her health, Lansbury told Closer Weekly in an interview published three months before her death that she had to give up gardening and other interests due to arthritis. Besides this, Are you interested to read about How Old Was Marilyn Monroe When She Died? 

She told Closer Weekly that staying thin was difficult for her but that she enjoyed other things, such as cooking, reading, and doing crossword puzzles, just the same. She claimed, “I take lots of vitamins and get enough sleep.” I think you shouldn’t let getting older slow you down. Like the tides, I keep coming and going here.

Lansbury admitted in a 2022 interview with NPR that she began smoking when she was 14 years old and continued until she was 30 years from death. She explained, “I was able to grab a cigarette out of a package in my handbag and smoke it, which I hadn’t been able to let on, that I had been smoking from the time I was, really, approximately 14 years old.”

This is not a boast on my part. To top it all off, I’ve been smoke-free for the past three decades. However, I smoked a fairly lengthy Cigarettello in the film, which you may or may not recall. Moreover, such was the nature of Gaslight’s trade. On the other hand, I was only allowed to puff it. And, as President Clinton would say, “I couldn’t take a deep breath.”

Lansbury gave an interview to The Daily Mail in 2014, detailing why she considers Murder, She Wrote to be successful. She said, “I see why [Murder, She Wrote was] so popular.” No one was hurt, and no blood was spilled. A whodunit mystery was also resolved to the reader’s satisfaction. The puzzle was finally finished.

Plus, Jessica was such a great representation of the average woman. That’s probably why she was able to win over people of many backgrounds, in my opinion. For her part, Lansbury revealed to Radio Times in 2017 how she felt about being nominated for an Emmy every year she starred in Murder. She Wrote, despite never actually taking home the trophy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. It irritated me,” she exclaimed.

Because there was no way to make something out of me in Hollywood, Murder, She Wrote was immensely popular in the rest of the United States, but not Hollywood. It’s not that I wasn’t upset because I was. It irritated me. There’s no way I can deny that it had an effect. Lansbury told Star2 in 2018 that she was happy with the performance despite being overlooked for accolades. When asked about the experience, she stated, “It was a piece of my career that was unconnected to anything I had done before.”

I took a long time to develop the Jessica Fletcher role I eventually played. She was first somewhat silly, but I transformed her into a sophisticated woman my age. That’s why she resonated with so many people, I believe; she represented a part of the human experience that was familiar and relatable.

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